World War 2 games

Looking for best World War 2 games for free? We would like to present list of exceptional games set during this devastating conflict.

World of Tanks
World of Tanks is a unique tank simulation game or tank shooter, set during the World War 2. It give us the chance to control, one of many available vehicles and combat enemies on the various maps, from devastated town, to forests near Prokhorovka. Ready for spectacular battles up to 60 players, each controlling tank like Tiger, T34 or IS-2?!

In game vehicles – not only tanks, but also tank destroyers or self propered guns – where used this terrible struggle and we can choose between hundreds of them. There are 3 faction to choose with own tech tree and vehicles, which mean there is a lot of everything from tanks to guns. Main feature is the Deam Deathmatch during which, players are clashing in exciting battles; max 60 players, 30 on each side. Objective is to capture enemy base, so first of all, team must to eliminate most of their opponents. After each battle we are receiving experience points – used to buy technology – and credits. Credits are the main currency used in World of Tanks, so we can purchase new, more advanced tanks, new crew members or cannon with better range and more powerful caliber.

World of Tanks is quality game, with deep gameplay and amazing World War 2 vehicles (King Tiger or IS-3 during the battle is something I what will never forget. Game is for everyone, for all who enjoy original shooting games or World War 2 games.

WarStory: Europe in Flames
WarStory: Europe in Flames is a browser World War 2 game, with innovative gameplay, quality graphics and interesting gameplay. You are becoming ambitious commander who is willing to capture Berlin and finish the war.

First thing is to choose which side we want to play during the game; US or USSR. Axis forces are controlled only by AI. What is important our choice is related to War Theater or front; by picking US, we are fighting at western front; while USSR eastern front. By taking Berlin, race is over and game is restarting. As player, our role is to command units on the battlefield, beating Germans. They are occupying large part of the Europe, and player must recapture town after town, from their hands. During various missions, we are struggling to win “race to Berlin” and this way end the war. There are many unique units, available in the game and each of them is inspired by World War 2. Maneuvers and better tactics are the key to success! During the battles, we can overpower enemy units much easier, if we attack from rare or by surrounding them.

WarStory is great and very entertaining, showing us spirit and great idea for the game. Minimalize your casualties; minimalize your effort to be the greatest commander during the World War 2!

Battlefield Heroes
Battlefield Heroes – it’s a cartoonish shooter, but still World War 2 game. Game the latest in the popular Battlefield series; we can join either Royal Army or National Army and clash with other players in cartoon styled war.

Game has a 3rd person perspective view, cartoony graphics, and is target to wide audience with simple controls and low system requirements. Players can choose between 2 factions – the National Army and the Royal Army, while each has 3 available classes. There are 3 unique classes to choose; Commando – Sneaky fighters who rely on cunning and subterfuge to achieve their objectives; Soldier with different abilities that make them useful any time, everywhere; Gunner can absorb damage, while it’s very similar to the Heavy class in Team Fortress 2. There are currently three vehicle types, including jeeps, tanks, and airplanes, all of which can be easily used by players. During the game players earn valor and hero points, with which they can purchase new weapons and items.

Battlefield Heroes with stylish visuals, humor, tanks, airplanes, achievement system and simplicity is worth to check out. Has some flaws like no lobby or only 3 classes available, yet it’s still worthy World War 2 game.

Mud and Blood
Mud and Blood is a flash World War 2 game, where we are controlling the Allied forces and holding strategic point on the map. Your mission is to prepare a solid line of defense and make sure that the enemies don’t get through your defenses.

During the game, you can experience World War 2 as a squad leader in a widely random game. The key to the victory is to maneuver and prepare best units for certain attack; it may be hard especially, when enemies are running fast, in great numbers on your defense line. Each unit you possess, has strong and weak sides, just like enemy units; you need some time to know better your and enemy units. There are few Mud and Blood games available, but in each of them, your aim is to survive as many waves as is possible and get as many points as you are able. Game visuals are very simple, hovered it has no negative impact on the gameplay; this way game has good, old-school feeling.

Mud and Blood is a solid flash World War 2 game; you can set up defense spot with more than 40 options; with a variety of soldiers, weapons, buildings and airstrikes. The game has a very simple interface, while it’s totally addicting – it’s one of the most popular games on Kongregate.

War2: Dawn of Nations
War2: Dawn of Nations is a browser World War 2 game, where we are playing as one of Army Commanders. Game is basically city-management strategy; extensive gameplay, resource production, unique historical units and PvP combat.

War2: Dawn of Nations is should be for people who really enjoy World War 2 settings, and strategy. Generally in game goals are quite simple, we must build our base/city’s economy, develop whole infrastructure to build our army which is essence of the game. Like in other strategy games out there, we should check out tutorial to know better gameplay, and save a lot of time in the future. Controlling and developing is much simple after doing tutorial, so I recommend checking out carefully everything. Music the most important part of the game, but luckily we can always turn on and play military music or something like that. After building the economy we must develop our army and check out more about real time strategy battles, as soon as possible, to try out everything related to combat features. It’s important, because on higher level it’s basically the essence of the game. The game is challenging when it comes to PvP features, so any experience how to win is much needed. War2: Dawn Of Nations is looking average for 2D browser game; some may say they are out of date.

There are not many, extensive browser based World War 2 games. War2: Dawn of Nations is very good free online war game, for casual audience, strategy lovers and people who like World War 2 games. Some game mechanics are typical, used in similar games, but War2 Glory is a solid game.

World Wars 2
Looking for simple World War 2 games? Try out World Wars 2 with mechanics, similar to successful Risk. The main objective just like in Risk is to gain control over all territories on the map. It may look simple, but it’s really worth to play.

The main target of World Wars 2 is to gain a control over all areas on the map. First of all, player must choose a team and how many players take part in the game; however it has always a blue territory. Game starts with a randomly created map on which all units are located or choose the map of Europe to play on. In game we are receiving reinforcement’s by the amount of territories connected. If we stick to this rule, it’s much easier to achieve a victory, so main focus is to possess territories adjacent to each other, if possible. During the game, we are invading a neighboring enemy’s area, and this way we are conquering larger areas. Whoever wins the dice roll wins the territory, while more units we get the better chance to win the game – of course theoretically.

World Wars 2 is really a great game; simple, fun and addictive, even though it’s simple flash war game. Sometimes you don’t need high quality game to have some fun.

NavyField is a World War 2 naval simulator, where player control historical ships and battle it out with up to 128 players at a time. Game offers 11 modes and 8 ship types, Navy Field it’s one of the most original World War 2 games for free.

Ever dreamed about sea battles set during World War 2? Main feature in Navy field are epic battles where up to 128 players can take part in the same time. Before we start adventure with NavyField, it’s wise to learn basics from the game tutorial or everything will be much difficult; there are several tutorial missions so I suggest completing them all. After that we are starting the game in the harbor, while having a small frigate. Each available ship has a large variety of attributes, showing their strength and weaknesses. Similarly to other online games, there are few game modes, with the most popular “Great Battle”. During the battle we can fight from submarines to powerful aircraft carriers.

NavyField is a naval simulator, not very realistic, yet exciting, offering unique gameplay and up to 128 player battles. Even graphically is looking out of date, it’s an original World War 2 game.