War games online

Searching for best war games online on Facebook or available on the web, using flash technology? Check out top war games online right now!


Epic War 5
Epic War 5 very popular war game online, featuring 3 heroes with unique stories, 30 exciting units, 70 deadly skills and over 20 accessories. We are fighting through 12 challenging stages and 13 additional levels for players who are looking for adventures. Our mission is to fight our way to the Hellsgate, to finish the war, or fail.

There are 3 heroes available in the game; Queen Etherie, Skull Knight, Viegraf the Red, and each has unique stories, 70 skills, 30 accessories and 27 units. What is all about? For example, during the first mission, players must fight against the might Colossus, he is very weak to magic and slow, but his attacks are really deadly. It’s obvious to use magic powers, so using spell casters is the essentially important during this stage. To survive this challenge, we should use high spawn units like goblins to keep Colossus busy. With variety of units, hero skills we must defeat our opponents, using the most effective strategy possible. Later we will clash with Undead King of Beasts, Lords of Hell or savage amazon warrior, during the mission “End of Hope”.

Epic War 5 is very enjoyable war game and one of the most popular war games online, with exciting gameplay, solid graphics and millions of players. Game is simple, entertaining however some players may be disappointed – it’s maybe to simple…


Mud and Blood
Mud and Blood is very addicting World War 2 game, based on randomized sandbox options and small-quad tactics. Player is commanding an Allied forces and mission is to stop advancing enemy units, by holding strategic point during the battle.

In Mud and Blood, players can experience WW 2 In an extensively random war game. Player’s task is to set up, solid defense line with more than 39 options available; variety of soldiers, weapons, buildings and airstrikes. Key to the success is to manipulate and choose the most suitable units for certain enemy attack; its challenging, especially, when opponents are attacking in great numbers our defense line. There are few Mud and Blood games, but every part has one thing in common; aim is to survive as many waves as is possible, and receive as many points as we can. Game’s graphics is simple, since its flash war game, however Mud and Blood has soul and addictive gameplay.

There are not many games about World War II, yet Mud and Blood is unique game with simple mechanics. On the other hand is hard and challenging as hell; making sure that the enemy doesn’t get through the defense line is difficult, especially if we are out of time.


Mastermind: World Conqueror
Ever dreamed about taking over the world? Mastermind: World Conqueror is war game online, where we are becoming obsessive and evil master mind with only one mission – to conquer the world. Deep in-game missions, easy gameplay (we are using only mouse) and we are ready to fight!

Our mission is obvious, to destroy the world, while stealing all useful technology or anything helpful during the game. We are a lot to do as someone ready to take over the world. Mastermind: World Conqueror, gameplay is focused on planning evil to advance through the ranks of evilness. A number of options are available; stealing cash from various targets around the globe or blowing up major cities, but, most importantly, stealing scientific research. As the player climbs the twisted “Science” tree, he grants access to those slightly more complex weapon systems or defenses equipping peons with flamethrowers is a great way to defense from nasty superheroes.

Definitely controlling ambitious genius, who is plotting to take over the world, is a splendid idea for the game. That’s why Mastermind is awesome, but also because of impressive graphics, great sound effects and satisfying gameplay.


TDP4 Team Battle
TDP4 Team Battle is offering a chance to become a mercenary warrior, and battle in 3 game modes; “Team Deathmatch”, ”Deathmatch”, and “Capture The Flag” in which players can battle with each other. During the game we are receiving medals for completing variety of achievements, and extra money.

During the game players are receiving, tons of experience and money to buy more powerful weapons or items. There is also possibility to increase our level, since we are able to increase characters skills to be more dangerous and tough. Team Battle Weapons are also requiring some skills such as accuracy, strength and explosions. Game is offering 3 game modes; during the “Deathmatch” we will play against all opponents, like in other games in the genre. “Team Deathmatch” is very similar; choose either to play in red or blue team. Just like during the “Deathmatch”, we will get experience and coins by eliminating opponents. Last, but not least is “Capture the Flag”; team will get flag-points for capturing enemy flag and delivering it to your base. Visuals are simple, game this way, has an old-school feeling.

TDP4 Team Battle is extreme popular multiplayer game, with charming gameplay and nice simplicity. It offer good fun and it’s available for free. It’s maybe not as good as retail games, however it good enough to spend some time.


Endless War: Defense
Endless war series continues with a new game and now you don’t have to eliminate opponents by yourself, let your soldiers do the fight! During the game, we must stop hordes of opponents, attacking our line of defense. We can pick 3 sides of the conflict, including Allied Forces or Germany.

Gameplay focus on building up an effective defense in 14 missions of 3 amazing campaigns and try to live longer in survival mode. We are buying units, like soldiers, tanks and a lot of various equipment. During the game, we should remember to select a unit and press space to toggle manual control; another thing is to build all necessary construction when we have some time, so at the beginning of the mission. We shouldn’t underestimate infantry, because this unit is cheap and effective against all types of in-game opponents. There is an option to call for reinforcements if enemy wave is to powerful – using reinforcements will save you many, many times.

Endless War is entertaining and simple game, for everyone who enjoys war games online for free. With deep gameplay, quality it’s one of the most exciting flash games I noticed lately.


World Rebellion II
World Rebellion II is based on a popular board game “Risk”, so like in original game, we control armies with which they attempt to acquire territories from other players. Simple visuals, addicting gameplay and everything to stop you for a moment.

The primary task of the game is total world domination, or to occupy every territory on the board. Each participant owns a starting army, but quick attack isn’t always the best solution. We must use our superior strategy, patience and all strategy instinct we possess. There are 3 basic strategy tips: we should control entire continents to get the bonus reinforcement armies; watch borders for buildups of armies that could imply an upcoming attack; build up armies on own borders for better defense. With these 3 tips from original Risk game, we can start the game.

Like original “Risk” is turn based and our mission is a “world domination”, or to invade all territory possible. World Rebellion II is looking simple, but it offers quality and addictive gameplay. Some may be scare off by graphics; however it is a really good game.


World Wars 2
World Wars 2 maybe looks like a simple game, with simple game mechanics, yet is deep war game, similar to “Risk”. World Wars 2 however is less extensive; simple graphics and sound effect, but totally addictive gameplay.

The main target of World Wars 2 is to gain an absolute control over all territories on the map. On the start we have to pick up the team and how many players take part in the game. Game starts with a randomly generated map on which all units are placed or choose the map of Europe to play on. Player has always a blue territory. In game we are receiving reinforcement’s by the amount of territories connected to each other and this way, it’s much easier to win. During the game, we are attacking a neighboring enemy territory, and this way we are conquering bigger areas. Whoever wins the dice roll wins the territory. The more units we possess the better chance to win the game.

Looking for original war games online? World Wars 2 is really fun game; simple, fun and addictive. Definitely sometimes you don’t need an extensive strategy game to have some fun. Remember to keep your territories adjacent to each other!


Army Attack
Army Attack is one of the best war games online, available for Facebook. In game we are fighting for new territory and place for living by using army and superior strategy. We have to command, conquer and defend against upcoming threats. Entering the game players have to expect entering world devastated by ongoing and never-ending war.

Army Attack is focusing mostly on a single-player, storyline missions. First missions act like tutorials, helping us to understand the basic gameplay mechanics. During mission we also discover storyline; the world is under attack by the forces of evil and we need to stop at all cost. We possess various unit types such as basic artillery, infantry, and tanks. Key to success is an effective usage of their strength and weaknesses; especially because energy depletes quickly, it needs to be conserved. In order to be able to give orders, energy is required – every action taken by player is consuming it. Conquering new lands brings additional equipment needed during war campaigns. Visually, game is very cartoonish despite of serious theme.

Army Attack despite of combat system being too easy, game is still enjoyable and offers a lot of fun. However it simplicity can be controversial; so some players may be disappointed, with too casual combat.


Are you tired with all saving the world stuff? Do you want to wreak havoc and destruction? In Villainous players have unique possibility to play as an evil lord who is conquering the world! Control growing army of evil forces; pillage, burn and conquer!

This time players are on the other side of the table; our mission is to invade, pillage and burn, while the opponent is using tower defense to stop our minions. The key to the victory is to summon hordes of monsters that they will swarm along the path in each level to raid the village at the end. These way players are receiving the in-game money, called Infamy. Basically we must summon our troop from the menu, by clicking them in the right order; some units can focus fire on them, while other can run freely without threat to the destination point. Our goal is to survive as many waves as possible, which is often challenging and very, very entertaining.

Playing as evil dude is fun and addictive – Villainous is a challenging war game online. It’s very original reverse tower defense, with different approach to the gameplay. It’s worth to be evil isn’t it?


Backyard Monsters
Backyard Monsters allows us to create unique town filled with crazy looking monsters; they are all looking hilarious. There is lot to talk about this warm and fun game; simplicity, unique gameplay, and marvelous idea for the game.

As an owner of a monster town, we have to design and manage everything; build some defenses for protection and create a solid economic foundation. Our economy is linked to the four basic raw materials, irreplaceable for our development. Economy, strong defense and wise development are the key to success. Game is humorous; Monsters have hilarious designs and make weird grunts and squeaks, while resources are flying into the silo with cartoon Weee! Sounds. Splendid stuff. As in other games on Facebook, we should also invite the greatest possible number of friends; this way they can help us during the game, by sending gifts and resources.

Backyard Monsters deserves praise for being the rare game that’s actually funny and amusing; pretty graphics, enjoyable gameplay and unique idea for the game. In the terms of quality, game is close to retail games, while it’s available for Facebook.