Turn based strategy games

Best turn based strategy games for free – it’s time to gather all valuable strategy games available on the web. First turn based strategy is chess game, known as “The Game of Kings”; currently idea of the turn based strategy games greatly expanded and we can play more complex, multithreaded games.

King’s Bounty: Legions
Best turn based strategy games on Facebook? King’s Bounty: Legions is a game with a quality graphics and unique turn based combat. Game may remind Heroes of the Might and Magic games; battles are turn based, player controls hero on an adventure map.

Turn based battles, are important part of the gameplay; combat takes place on a field of octagonal spaces. At the start, tutorial helps with gameplay mechanics and after moving to the starting town, the real adventure begins. Along the way, player visit towns and areas that all offer a variety of quests that focus on a wide range of objectives. After each mission, we receive gold and experience, to level up the hero. The army consists of a variety of units; each has strong and weak points against a certain enemy unit. King’s Bounty: Legions is looking awesome; mostly during the combat, while out of combat, it looks fine.

Let’s face facts – there are few solid Facebook strategy games and King’s Bounty: Legions is one of them. High quality graphics, unique gameplay and turn based battles. It’s a perfect choice if you are searching for turn based strategy.

Army Attack
Army Attack is another turn based strategy game, available for Facebook. Player controls command units, conquer enemy areas and defend against upcoming enemy waves. Clever strategy and superior tactics is the key to success.

Combat system is simple, tactical and turn based. During the game, player is fighting for new territory and place for living by using army and clever strategy. Of course Army Attack has a storyline however is simple; we must save the world from the threat of evil military organization. At the start players have to anticipate world desolate by ongoing and never-ending war. First missions act like tutorials, which tell players about gameplay and various in-game secrets. Key to success lays in proper usage of units strong and weak sides; while controlling an energy bar – each action is consuming it. Acquiring new lands brings extra equipment needed during war campaigns.

Comic book style design makes Army Attack a visually appealing game. It’s hard to call Army Attack an extensive strategy – it’s first of all a casual game, like other Facebook games, however, game is still enjoyable and offers more than that.

Iron Grip: Marauders
Iron Grip: Marauders is a post-apocalyptic, steampunk and one of the browser turn based strategy games. Player controls bunch of marauders, who seeks treasures, adventures and glory while pillaging various villages and towns. It features high quality graphics and surprisingly deep gameplay.

Game is set in the universe of Iron Grip, – world of constant struggle, devastated by brutal wars. Combat is fast paced and is handled by simple and easy to grasp controls. They should apply to most, even non-hardcore players. Researching new technologies is one of the most importing activating during the game – without top notch weaponry; it’s hard to win a battle. Another thing which players should care is to capture rare resources, by completing battles/missions. In order to be able to build additional bases, there are required officers, who act as their administrators.

Iron Grip: Marauders may be recommended for every player who is searching for unique turn based strategy; combat style distinguishes it from most strategy games available currently on the market.

Urban Rivals
Urban Rivals is a simple, but very popular trading card games; players collect cards and upgrade, them which is the main Urban Rivals feature. With turn based combat, fun, casual gameplay and variety of designed cards, it’s one of the coolest turn based strategy game & card game mix.

Game essence are 3-4 minutes long matches/battles, between our and rival’s heroes. Player’s job is to balance everything and use cunning tactics to win. Battle mechanics isn’t extensive; whoever has more potent characters during the match, win the match. Obviously luck is also important. Every card has power, damage and few abilities, while at the beginning of match, players are able to improve their deployed cards by using special pillz. Urban Rivals features ELO based matchmaking system, allowing players to fight against opponents at a similar level of experience, without battling against stronger players.

Urban Rivals is a very high quality, featuring original comic style arts and impressive game mechanics. It will apply for everyone looking for pleasant trading card games and turn based strategy lovers.

Eredan iTCG is 2D, playable through Facebook, fantasy trading card game. It has easy to learn game mechanics and is enough extensive to give more experienced players a really worthy challenge. Gameplay is congruous to Magic the Gathering Tactics, but Eredan distinguishes itself with many social features.

Game is fantasy themed and it gives possibility of collecting, purchasing and trading cards, turning them into decks. Player can participate in duel or be involved in completing a variety of missions. Cards are divided into types such as heroes, spells and items. Those who master game rules and hold strong decks, may try their strengths in various tournaments. There is even training area which helps when building deck. Players are able to improve/upgrade their hero cards to make them more efficient during the battles. It features quality, characteristic art style and catchy music, which will please most players. Challenging other players for a duel is simple; it requires just clicking in button next to future enemy’s username.

Those who enjoy turn based strategy games & trading card games, should try out Eredan. There are numerous cards to get and those who would like to focus strictly on the collection, are free to do so. For all interested, music is available for free download.

War Metal Tyrant
War Metal: Tyrant is a collectible card game, set dozens of years in the future. It offers splendid visuals and enjoyable gameplay and also achievements, reputation system, dozens of cards, factions and large community.

The new player is presented with a choice between two commanders and a tutorial which can be skipped. Each mission shuffles the player’s selected deck which includes a commander and up to 10 other cards. The player is then presented with 3 cards from their deck to choose from for the first turn. As the player progresses in level, unlocks missions and features; card packs, new decks, and rewards are unlocked for completing levels, achievements, and gaining reputation. Raids are unlocked as the player progresses through the game and Player versus Player battle is available through tournaments and Player Faction Wars.

War Metal Tyrant is a great turn based strategy game and collectible card game – it has several significant pros; enjoyable and simple gameplay, original card design, achievement and reputation system and quite big community. Flaws? Probably some may find it to simple.

World Wars 2
World Wars 2 is simple and addicting war game, with mechanics, very similar to successful Risk – however its shorter version. It has simple graphics and sound, it’s browser game with spectacular gameplay.

The main target of the game is gaining control over all territories on the map. In the beginning we are choosing team and how many players take part in the game. Basically in World Wars 2 we are attacking adjacent enemy areas, and this way we are subduing larger areas. Whoever wins the dice roll wins the territory. Game starts with a randomly created map on which all units are located or choose the map of Europe to play on. In game we are getting additional units by the amount of areas adjacent to each other. The more units we possess the better chance to win the game. Visuals are very simple, yet it has no negative effect on the gaming experience.

World Wars 2 is perfect for a break; it is pleasant and engaging, even though is simple. Perhaps the gameplay is limited, there is no multiplayer option and game mechanics is simple as hell, however overall gaming experience is really awesome.

Magic: The Gathering Online
Magic: The Gathering Online is an electronic version of Magic: The Gathering collectible card game; it’s a competitive dueling game in which 2 (or more) players struggling against their opponents to defeat them using a variety of different cards representing magic spells.

Magic the Gathering is a legendary game, and the most popular and extensive collectible card game; it was a matter of time until the online version. The game’s interface is one of the most amazing thing I ever saw in my life; players can organize, sort and create decks from cards based on color, mana cost and rarity. There is a lot of card. Really a lot. It is worth mentioning that turn based strategy nature makes it ideal for those with low-speed connections.

Magic Online isn’t the most visually stunning computer game available, yet is the most extensive collective card game ever created. It can be very challenging, and if fact it isn’t so much a game as it is a self-contained hobby. It can be very addictive so watch for you time and money…

Empires & Allies
Empires & Allies is a turn based strategy created by Zynga for Facebook. In this one of the most popular Facebook games, players are building their defenses and fight with dangers, which threat their familiar lands. In many aspects, gameplay is looks like in Cityville with one particular difference – there is combat involved.

It features colorful graphic and light approach to the warfare. Gameplay focuses mostly on developing own city and recruiting army. During the tutorial players will learn about most basic in-game features including combat system, which is very easy to grasp. It is similar to other strategy games, so those who played already in other Facebook strategy games will grasp game basics pretty fast. Game itself is visually similar to other Zynga games, but it’s definitely not a drawback.

Empires & Allies is different than Cityville in many aspects, but it’s hard to tell clearly, which one is better. Some may scare of that this is one of Zynga games, however from all their games, it’s one of the most entertaining and innovating.

Clash of the Dragons
Clash of the Dragons is a collectible card game mixed with some rpg element and strategy. Game offers enjoyable card battles, interesting in-game world, while is available directly on browser.

In Clash of the Dragons players don’t need power to play cards; however after receiving damage, must discard cards equal to that damage. This way the hitpoints are the number of cards in the deck; when player is out of cards is dead. Player gain experience for each battle won and will level up scoring upgrade points and in-game cash to spend. During the game players can upgrade the amount of cards that can be in the deck and give yourself the ability to have multiple decks or duplicate cards in a deck. Visuals are not the highest quality and can discourage some players; if they overcome this disadvantage, the game is very positive.

Clash of the Dragons is a solid game with some enjoyable rpg elements – there is not much quality collectible card games online. Flaws? The game is quite lacking visually – it may look outdated.

The Battle for Wesnoth
The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn based strategy game for free with a high fantasy theme. Players can build a great army; there are at least 2 hundred unit types, 16 races, 6 major factions, with a possibility to create own units, maps and even scenarios and campaigns.

The Battle for Wesnoth is an open source turn based strategy, available via download. The most important feature is that the game is only limited by player’s creativity – we can create maps, scenarios, campaigns and even own unique units. There is also a possibility to challenge up to 8 players in multiplayer battles. It is played on a hex map, while strategy of battle consists of analyzing terrain, enemy unit’s weaknesses and our unit’s strengths. Also time of day matters. World is populated by trolls, orcs, elves, dwarves and humans, as well as dragons and other disturbing races.

The Battle for Wesnoth is worth to try; graphics may be out of date, however game if fun to play and unique. We can create our own world or play dozens of great scenarios and campaigns. It’s an open source turn based strategy (or wargame) is offering more than many commercial titles available.