Browser based strategy war games

Best strategy war games, are mixing quality strategy elements like economics, while balancing the game with war & battle features. Check out latest free strategy war games available in your browser.

WarStory: Europe in Flames
WarStory: Europe in Flames is another game set in World War 2 conflict and one of several free war games, showing us innovation, quality gameplay and exciting experience. Main mission is to take Berlin and finish the war, so every in-game brings us closer to this goal.

Time to finish the war, time for glory, tactical maneuvers and strategy, the key is to win battles while taking minimal loses and win the race to capitol of Germany; their troops are occupying large part of the Europe, and we must save town after town. We can choose either as US or USSR, but always Germany is controlled by the artificial intelligence (AI). While we are picking our side, we are also choosing front: US –> Western front, USSR –> Eastern front. During the battles, we can surround opponent’s units to deal more damage or flank them; tactics and cunning is the key to the victory. WarStory has colorful, cartoonish graphics, but maybe it too bright.

Overall WarStory: Europe in Flames is worth to play strategy war game, that mixes innovating gameplay and it’s set during the World War 2. Game is attractive, if someone is willing to play more often, without delays between missions, have to pay real money.

Terra Militaris
Terra Militaris is a unique browser strategy, offering real time battles, guild based player vs player and complex hero system. Game is basically a kingdom management strategy, so we have to develop a solid economy, while teaming up with others.

At the start, players are choosing civilization: Persia, China, Egypt, or Rome (each has unique bonuses, units and buildings). Like in other strategy war games, we can fight against other players or computer enemies, but first of all we need to create a solid economic foundation. The hero system is similar to the leveling system used in most MMORPGs; they are helping with morale boost and strength as a unit. Battles occur in real time, which is making Terra Militaris unique browser strategy game.

Overall Terra Militaris is worth to check out strategy war game; battles occur in real time, heroes, here are many things to do. Weaknesses? Some aspects of the gameplay maybe are schematic, repetitive. However game still has unique style and strengths.

Iron Grip: Marauders
Iron Grip: Marauders has everything; great gameplay, graphics and exceptional turn based battles. IT has some economy features, without too much city-managing elements; it’s all about battles, combat and PvP.

Story is set in the Iron Grip universe, where players are commanding a marauder army. The most important part of the gameplay is connected to the turn based battles, besides we can research weaponry, and develop technology to upgrade our troops, and this way improves chances during the battle. Visuals during turn based battles , because battles are based on Unity 3D engine.

Iron Grip: Marauders is really unique turn based strategy war game with a large emphasis on battles (PvP or PvE). Game has many pros – quality graphics, Unity 3D engine battles, deep gameplay and dozens of units. Basically it’s a must play.

King’s Bounty: Legions
King’s Bounty: Legions is a unique Facebook game with high quality graphics and entertaining turn based combat. Game is similar to Heroes of the Might and Magic games, mostly because battles are turn based, and we are controlling hero on an adventure map.

At the start, tutorial helps with gameplay mechanics and after moving to the starting town and begin exploring the world map, real fun begin. Along the way, we are visiting towns and locations that all offer enjoyable quests focusing on a wide range of objectives. Turn based battles, are important part of the gameplay; battle takes place on a field of octagonal spaces. After each we are receiving gold and experience, to level up our character. The army consists of the different units; each has strengths and weaknesses against a particular opposing unit. King’s Bounty: Legions is looking great, especially 3D battles.

King’s Bounty: Legions is one of a few high quality games available on Facebook; high quality graphics, enjoyable gameplay and exceptional turn based battles. For those who are looking strategy war games, it’s perfect choice.

Lord of Ultima
Lord of Ultima is a well-known strategy game that distinguishes itself while still maintaining the classic gameplay style; we can use trade, diplomacy, create or join alliances and claim the world of Caledonia. Who will be supreme Lord of Ultima?

Our main, in-game objective is to upgrade the palace to level 80, and gain the “Lord of Ultima” and win the race. We start off with a few buildings and palace; creating balanced economy is the key to expand our empire on the beginning. During the game we are mining resources, creating buildings, upgrading town hall and recruiting unstoppable army. Army may include various units like light & heavy infantry, paladins, naval units or siege weapons. Later, we must choose how to expand our empire; through settlement or battle. Each path of expansion has its own pros and cons; however it’s necessary to play as a part of an alliance.

Lord of Ultima is enjoyable strategy war game with many interesting features; quests, dungeons and deep in-game world. Yet some players may be deterred by really slow progress, especially during the later stage of the city.

Army Attack
Army Attack is popular strategy war game for Facebook with pretty visuals, casual gameplay and never-ending battle against enemy hordes. We are fighting wave after in a constant struggle for new territories, resources and in-game cash.

Game is battle-centric, so players participate in nonstop battle which is done through turn based combat. Players can move only one squat at a time. Our main task is to expand borders and fight; secondly build some simple buildings. Like in other Facebook games, attacking or moving is consuming the energy bar, so our units –soldiers, artillery, tanks – must be used with smart tactics. As we all know, tactics is the key to minimalize our loses and maximize the effects; its sounds simple and it is simple, especially in this game.

Overall Army Attack is offering simple, turn based combat and enjoyable gameplay with some social options. However is a casual game, which is making this strategy war game a little bit controversial.

PoxNora: Battlefield of the Immortals
PoxNora: Battlefield of the Immortals is a unique mix of turn based strategy war game and trading card game in a fantasy setting; except cards are called “Runes”. Old-school graphics, enjoyable gameplay, active community is making PoxNora worth to try.

Poxnora is supporting, exciting 1v1 battles – single match can take from average 15 – 45 minutes. Game is based on runes (cards) divided in several types – champions, spells, relics and equipment. There are many runes, from average (common) to powerful (exotic) worth some a lot of real money. We can obtain additional runes- cards, from special booster packs – available for real money. As turn based game, gameplay is slow-paced so Poxnora is perfect for relax on the evening. The game currently includes more than 900 runes.

Poxnora is enjoyable game mixing collectible card game and strategy war game; even though the graphic is an outdated, it’s really worth to try. However with slow paced gameplay and outdated graphics may scare off some players.

Ikariam is a few years old, but still popular city-management game that mixes Civilization and Age of Empires. We can develop technology, create powerful economy, make social interactions, and run a Polis (City).

During the game, we are managing our City, on the island, while each neighboring island is occupied by a real player; we need to gather resources, by sending settlers to work. Right from the start we can construct buildings; at the beginning, building time is short, however later it takes hours or even days to develop single building. After developing certain technology we can also mine or produce, rare or luxury recourses. After building a palace, we can expand our borders, and this way irritates others, so joining an alliance is extremely important.

Overall Ikariam has a lot of enjoyable features related to city-managing; researching technology, pretty fun economics, building, and interaction with players. However slow progress and an outdated graphics can scare off some players.

Set in ancient era, Remanum offers an economy-centric, game experience; players are conquering the world through cunning diplomacy and effective trade. It’s all about politics and business and as a merchant family member; we need to rebuild family reputation.

Remanum is unique with a large emphasis on economic aspects of the gameplay; however its slow paced gameplay and emphasis on economic aspects can be controversial. On the start, we are choosing a game world and city (Celtic, Oriental, Roman, and Carthaginian), next we have to choose an avatar picture and we are ready to play. Remanum has tutorial teaching us the basics about the gameplay; how to – get more reputation, trade with others and about politics and influencing the world. Game has quality 2D visuals, but this is not the strongest side.

Remanum is strategy game focused on trading and production; it’s the key elements of gameplay which may not appeal to everyone.