ZooMumba is an original social strategy game directly to our browser, offering to enter into the zookeeping business. We are developing and controlling zoo, while we are taking care of our cute animals. The most notable thing about ZooMumba is that it enhances the animal care genre instead of offering something meaningly unique.

Zookeeping business
First of all it’s not one of the typical free online strategy games; idea of the game is simple, we must to generate income while we are feeding, cleaning and taking care of our pets. At the beginning of the game, we’ve got nothing. We need to build everything from scratch, including exercise area where our animals will live. At ZooMumba animals are purchased using PetPennies, the currency we receive each time somebody pays our zoo a visit. With each new visit, comes the chance to purchase more and more animals; after some time, we will receive access to more exotic animals and a whole lot of items that will help us decorate our zoo; our zoo must be unique, pretty and clean! Our pets must be happy all the time, which is associated with our income. Like in other popular online strategy games, we can unlock new features – animals, items and other stuff – when our experience level is rising. To make it happen, we must keep our zoo and animals clean, healthy and feed them. During the game, the care and feeding of the zoo animals needs to happen frequently. It’s the key to our financial success.

Zoomumba gives us a bunch of simple and fast goals that change every couple of hours. Goals are available almost all the time, pretty straight forward, such as feeding a certain pet an X number of times or raising an X number of animal cubs. Completing these goals earns the player consumable rewards, like pills that are used to treat sick animals; well like I said its hard to compare ZooMumba to any other free online strategy games. Is it really strategy game? Well yes, but simple one.

Animals, graphics and simplicity
We don’t play Zoomumba alone, in-game community is pretty large and thanks to functions such as “FacebookConnect” and “Post-to-Wall“, we can send small gifts and e-cards to friends. Social features make the game more interesting; vote for the prettiest zoo also encourages a strong sense of community. Zoomumba is pretty well polished so the virtual zoo is relatively rewarding to build; it also helps that most of the animals are interesting to look at, thanks to their random animations. Zoomumba offers a friendly community and intuitive gameplay, making it a pleasure to play for experienced or inexperienced players alike. Controls, tasks and everything during the game are so simple and intuitive that everyone is able to deal with them.

The game looks pretty solid and cartoonish, which will satisfy especially younger players. Pets look very nice, like taken from kid’s cartoons, but it does not mean that Zoomumba is only children; Game can get involved and offers a pleasant, relaxing entertainment, especially after playing too much shooting or MMORPGs. Like in other free online strategy games, there is premium shop with adtitional items available for our pets; there is no point to tell you what to do, so you should make your own decision about that.

(ZooMumba trailer)

Pleasant, cartoon graphics
Friendly community
Easy to master
Perfect for casuals

Too easy?

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ZooMumba certainly is interesting to play, offers the management of a small zoo, while involving us in the care of our pets. It’s not about making money – ZooMumba is about taking care of the animals; it’s the most important part of the game. Players can also customize and expand their zoos by adding special pet habitats, including trees, concession stands, fountains, decorations, and statues. With pleasant graphics and very comfortable, intuitive interface, game is very easy to master; any action in the game. Sometimes maybe is too simple and repetitive, especially for hardcore gamers, while casuals probably will find ZooMumba attractive and very enjoyable.