War Metal Tyrant

Looking for collectible card strategy games? Check out War Metal: Tyrant for Facebook! War Metal: Tyrant is about getting better cards and more powerful playing deck to duel opponents in exciting PvP or single player campaign mode. War Metal was launched by Synapse Games in June 2009 and has gathered many thousands of active players. It’s one of the most enjoyable card strategy games available for free.

All about war…
We are entering into Tyrant with one starter deck with a commander and systematically generated cards, and after that we embark on exciting combat against brutal raiders. Like in other free online strategy games, there is a helpful tutorial, showing basics about the game; for example, we need to eliminate the enemy commander to win, while we need to pay an attention to own commander’s health bar. During the game we are controlling 10-card playing deck. We have got a lot of possibilities; we can join guilds where others are building alliances, and we can also increase our reputation related to several of the game’s factions – by completing campaign missions. During the battle, like in normal card strategy game, we are receiving three random cards in order to deploy; turn is split into opponent and our move and we choose only 1 to deploy each turn. We and our opponent are picking 1 card at each turn; most of cards represent the type of soldiers like infantry, heavy infantry, vehicles (powerful robots, tanks, planes) and other powerful weapons or equipment. Some cards are extremely powerful and – what is really great – we can receive a lot of cards during the campaign! That’s right; Tyrant rewards the winners with new powerful cards. Tyrant is card game focused on war, so most of new cards are powerful toys for our deadly arsenal. If we possess enough in-game money, we should often buy need booster packs, to improve our deck; it’s exciting and should really help.

After few battles, every player will notice that the battle is actually very random, just like the poker game. This has positive and negative sides; positive – even if we possess weak card, we always have chances against stronger opponents; negative – we can lose even if we are stronger… My personal strategy was to use the most powerful cards first; it’s the key to win faster and dominate the battle.

Strategy card games
You probably remember Warstorm or Magic: The Gathering? Warstorm is already dead, but Magic: The Gathering is still online, anyway Warstorm is very simple card game, just like mentioned Warstorm. Magic is far more complex strategy game, yet both games are very entertaining; some may like more planning and strategy, some may love more action and fast, casual battles. If you like action, War Metal: Tyrant is the game for you. Of course similarly to other games, with more powerful cards, we’ve got the higher possibility to win, because the rule of this game is to protect your commander.

Graphics during the game is simple, yet everything is nicely designed; some cards are looking amazing like “Titan” or “Xeno Mothership” and many other exceptional cards. In-game sound is rather simple; we have a variety of sounds associated with weapons and the properties of our cards. Sound helps give the game a climate of war and struggle – it’s definitely stronger side of the game. Community is very large, so challenging others is very easy & fast; we don’t have to wait too much on duel.

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Enjoyable gameplay
Simple & fun
Large community

Maybe to simple?..

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War Metal: Tyrant is one of the best strategy games for Facebook, giving us an opportunity to join guilds with other players, take part in exciting raids or duel with challenging opponents. War Metal: Tyrant is very satisfying game with variety of cards, interesting campaign and large in-game community. The game features massive social options and more than 300 cards for your gathering. We can invite our Kongregate or Facebook friends to join our side and create powerful squad – game is much better this way. War Metal: Tyrant is simply great card game. I got nothing to add. Play it.