Settlers Online review

The Settlers Online is new free online strategy game and is browser version of the popular “Settlers” series published by Ubisoft. In game we can lead settlers, gather resources, construct dwellings, expand kingdom and command military action. Another browser game? Definitely not, because Settlers Online is bigger and better than most free online strategy games currently available on the web.

The Settlers are back!
At the very beginning of our adventure, we possess a small undeveloped and uninhabited settlement, with a small amount of resources needed to start a business. Right from the start, we are playing helpful tutorial that is showing us the most basic elements about the gameplay and mechanics. While we are learning, we are developing our village, creating basic buildings (woodcutter hat, sawmill etc.) – we can very fast start construction of various dwellings to house your citizens, produce resources and store all essential stock. The more buildings we construct the more settlers will be encouraged to live in our village; idea is to create this way an ever-growing empire. Variety in our construction is essential to make us citizens happy, as well as to ensure a spread of different working production chains.

First of all like in other economic online strategy games, we need to balance resource in-come to make our empire growing and also feed our citizens or trade with other players. It’s probably the most important part of the game. Theoretically, it’s very easy, but practically, it can be very difficult; choices can be hard, our priorities can change rapidly, so often we have to make difficult decisions. Trade some resources? Invest some of them into new constructions or upgrades or maybe citizens are the best investment? So, every Settlers Online player needs to remember to keep resources at a good level. During the game, we are participating in special quest to obtain additional resources and experience points – essential to unlock better and better buildings.

Military, sweet military…
Settlers Online also offers a bit of military & war features, because in addition to resource production and construction, we must also consider creating some attack & defense forces. A strong and flexible army should be created and grown in order to eliminate bandits, as well as to obtain valuable resources during adventures. Military features are simple yet entertaining, though main focus of the game is the economy.

In–game graphics is high quality and cute, all objects look very clear; Settlers Online is probably one of the best looking browser strategy currently available. Sound is simple yet enjoyable; birds are twitting other animals are making noise – with graphic details and sound, we feel that the game is living. Even our citizens are talking using unintelligible language which is funny. Overall gameplay is very enjoyable, addictive and is offering a really great fun to all players – from casuals to hardcore players. Even someone doesn’t like strategy games to much, should check it out.

What can I say more? Are you ready to become a Leader?!

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Great 2D graphics
Good, old Settlers are back!
Deep gameplay


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Even though, there are a lot of various strategy games for free, Settlers Online is the reason why you should test new ones. Settlers Online is truly fantastic game created on our browsers; quality graphics, easy interface, nice sounds and great world to explore – there is a lot of features making this game an exceptional example how browser games should be. The browser game has great core features – resource production, military action, construction and development and more – that need to be managed efficiently and with tactics in order for players to be successful. Item shop is nicely implemented into the game and has no negative impact on game’s mechanics; often some games have some problems with this.

Settlers Online is currently one of the best browser strategy games available – definitely!