Savage 2

Savage 2 is one of the most original online games with some strategy features; it’s not typical free online strategy game, but RPG (role-playing), RTS (real time strategy) and FPS (first person shooter) mix. Players can pick between 2 factions (Beasts and Humans), and are required to utilize teamwork and co-operation to beat the other team while taking orders from their commander – controlled by player from above.

The objective of the game is simple, but not as simple as it sounds – each team possess base, and the mission is to destroy opposing team’s base. Similarly to League of Legends, Savage 2 is very team oriented, so partially has also its weakness. Before entering the real battle, we should play a tutorial; however it’s more of an audio tape of the manual, giving some details about Savage 2 game mechanics.

The battles are being played on fairly large maps; each side is able to create building in the manner of a base building real time strategy game. At the beginning of each battle, every team must choose a commander and officers; secondly players are picking who will be many units such as scout, builder, healer or a warrior, from the number of about 20 units. By killing opposing units on the battlefield, each participant receives in-game gold and experience points used to improve character during the battle. Similarly to free online strategy games, based on Defense of the Ancients mechanics, all players also start battles with a specific amount of gold, while during the battle, player gains gold slowly as the game advances. The second thing related to the similarity to DotA games is the case of experience points. Experience point is used to upgrade our character, with new skills, more powerful weapons or harder armors. It’s worth to add that experience is reset after each match.

Delicious visuals
Basically there are 2 ways to get gold; first of all from mines – strategic structure, the key to the development – secondly, from opposing units (creeps). During the battles, each team must attack and defend gold mine, from opposing team, however the main objective is to destroy enemy base and this way win the match.

It is worth mentioning the role of commander; the concept of the game is that the players are like units, and the resource-managing eye in the sky is the commander. Each team has one “commander” who watches over the battle in a real time strategy mode. His role is to help his team, by constructing buildings to upgrade the technology, creates thoughtful defense line, or cast supporting/offensive spells. Playing as one is very enjoyable, unique experience; it’s a funny feeling when you watch units and every one of them is a player himself.

Savage 2 has amazing visuals; the unit design and animations, special effects etc., are truly praiseworthy. During the battle, we can enjoy with wonderful sight, with rolling hills, and admire the look of the mountains.

(Savage 2 trailer)

Unique gameplay
High quality visuals

Focuses on teamwork too much
Minor bugs

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Overall Savage 2 is positive and very original game – in fact, one the most original I noticed lately. Game is very dynamic and combines RPG, strategy and shooting action. With fast paced gameplay, and quality engine is combining elements from more than one genre, while it’s accessible to a wide audience of players. Flaws? Like all team-oriented games, it may scare some players, because of too much emphasis on teamwork, while the game is very challenging. All new players will therefore have serious problems at the beginning.

Savage 2 has been developed using “K2 Engine”; it looks much better than its predecessor and is a successful attempt to introduce something fresh and even revolutionary.

Other information

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements
OS – Windows XP/Win2k/Windows Vista
Video Card – 128MB fully DirectX 9.0 compliant Geforce or Radeon VGA Card
CPU – 2.2GHz Pentium 4/AMD 2000+
RAM – 1GB Free
HDD – 3GB Free

Recommended Requirements
OS – Windows XP/Win2k/Windows Vista
Video Card – 256MB Geforce 7800+ or Radeon X1900+
CPU – 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo / AMD 3500+
RAM – 1.5GB or More
HDD – 3.5GB Free