Remanum is a latest free online strategy game created by Travian games, set in ancient world, where we are ruling our kingdom; we must conquer it through wise diplomacy and trade. Basically players take on the role of merchant whose family name has fallen into disrepute; now we need to rebuild the reputation of our family, while gaining prestige and money.

Business & politics
Remanum is basically business online strategy game where we are focused only on industry, without any military use; it’s all about politics and business. On the beginning of the game we are choosing a game world and city (Roman, Celtic, Oriental and Carthaginian), pick up avatar picture and we are ready to play. Like other free online strategy games, Remanum has tutorial which teaches the basics about the game; how to earn a reputation; how to trade with other players; about politics & influencing the in-game world and about commodity chains. When players have enough money, they end up spending huge quantities to gain political influence. They can organize magnificent feasts on their estates, donate to the city treasury, or work together with other players to develop trading houses and temples. Important part of the gameplay is related to all kind of players’ interactions. We can work together to make city much stronger and more influential. In general we have to convince enough of other players to vote for you into office; we can then determine the fate of our city – until the next vote.

Reputation is the key…
Reputation is the key element of the game and to win reputation, players have 3 the most important methods; go into politics, donate toward city buildings and hold feast in residence. Politics is nothing more but voting; to donate – exchange various goods or denarii for reputation and to hold feast, player need to buy sophisticated and expensive food. During the game we must gain around 1600 reputation and donating around 300 coins gives us around 10 reputation, so it may cost a lot.

What about progression in this strategy game? Is slow and all in-game activities need some time; production, merchant tasks (buying, bidding, sale) and shipping which can be immediately finished by using gold, special premium currency available for real cash. Game is looking really good; it’s maybe 2D game, but all in-game cartoon images are high quality. Remanum has some premium options, mostly related to improved statistics and speeding things up – game is very slow.

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Quality graphics
Fun to play

Mostly economics

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Remanum is simple free online strategy game focused on trading and production; it’s the key elements of gameplay. Game has simple, but quality graphics, game interface is very simple to use, so during the game should not have any problems finding what we are looking for. Remanum is for those who like slow pace, economic games and whoever has patience, loves economy may have a try. Looking for free online strategy games with a lot of economy and trading? Remanum is simply for you.