Lord of Ultima

Searching for online strategy games for free? Lord of Ultima is one of the most popular browser based online strategy games, made by Phenomic Studio, which belongs to Electronic Arts. It offers great, complex gameplay, high-level economic management and easy to grasp mechanics. In fantasy universe, players are developing their cities and fight for power through economy & army domination.

My liege
In Lord of Ultima we are becoming city sovereign and absolute ruler; similarly like in other free online strategy games available. Character creation limits to selection of name and one of twelve portraits, so it’s pretty basic. After that we have to complete a chain of quests; it introduces basic mechanics and Lord of Ultima storyline. First we have to build a woodcutter’s hut near a forest, then a cottage and so on; while we are learning more about the game, we are also building our kingdom. Unlike in most browser online strategy games, we have to watch where we are placing our buildings. For example, placing a cottage near lumberjack’s hut grants us with boost to wood harvesting. There are various buildings available; every of them have its own purpose and has different effect on other structures. As we progress with city development, we gain access to more and more structures, to 34 in total. Additionally, cities with access to river or sea are able to build a harbor. Building ideal city is more building according to in-game guide, than personal taste. In order to maximize efficiency of our town production, we have to be perfectly acknowledged with its content, just like in other strategy games for free.

Game interface is very intuitive and easy to manage. We can see four main resources, gained through gathering: lumber, stone, iron, food and gold, taken from peasants thanks to existence of taxes. We have access to various menu options such as Social, Quests, Alliance. Through menu we can switch two map views – local and region. On region we see other player’s cities, places where we can settle and dungeons. They are mainly made for those, who need extra resources but want to avoid pillaging other players. Dungeon level vary from 1-10 and amount of gained resources is connected to its advancement level. They are inhabited by various monsters like orcs, minotaurs, skeletons and other evil creatures. At the early stages it doesn’t give a lot resources and it serves more like a time-killer, but it becomes more useful later, during the game.

Total control
Additional PvE feature are bosses. They are powerful, huge monsters, which after defeat drops several items and boosts player’s treasure. Amount depends on its level, which similar to dungeons, vary from 1 to 10. Like in other browser strategy games, Lord of Ultima has end-game goal, which fulfilled, restarts server and everything starts from the beginning. After four months of existence of server, Temples appear on the map. They look like Stonehenge, so they cannot be mistaken with other visible objects. Player’s objective is to build city on one of the temples and develop it to level 80. First player who reach this goal wins, and his alliance becomes victory alliance.

Lord of Ultima puts great emphasize on social gaming. Without friends we are very easy targets and it’s even harder to have a control over twenty cities in total. After becoming a member of alliance, it grants us with additional points. But even without this feature, joining alliance during newbie protection (first seven days) is essential. Aggressive players are always hunting those unaware of danger.

(Lord of Ultima gameplay)

Complex and easy to grasp mechanics
Good tutorial
PvE and PvP content

Slow paced gameplay

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Lord of Ultima is a complex, available for free strategy game. It has been created in full 2D environment with text and image style, similar to popular Travian. Technically it doesn’t require from user anything, besides updated Java and internet browser. Lord of Ultima unique and addictive mechanics will please most players and thanks to short in-game seasons, those who won’t be so lucky are able to try.