King’s Bounty: Legions

King’s Bounty: Legions is one of the latest free online strategy games for Facebook with high quality graphics and innovative turn based combat. Similarly to popular strategies Heroes of the Might and Magic, King’s Bounty: Legions is turn based online strategy game, where we are moving on adventure map using our hero and controlling our units during the combat. Ready for real challenge?

Russian Heroes?! No!
Some are saying that the King’s Bounty was Russian version of Heroes of Might and Magic, but after King’s Bounty: The Legend these games are much more than just clones. In order to properly train new knights and officers for service to the king of the realm, we are receiving recruits with a handy tutorial which will help to familiarize both veterans of the King’s Bounty series and new comers alike. Those already accustomed to strategy games such as Heroes of Might and Magic will immediately breathe a sigh of relief as their eyes browse over the hexagonal game board which we all hold so dearly. Each of them has strengths and weaknesses against other units, and we are controlling them on battlefield, divided by the small fields (octagons). We are learning during the game, which type of units is the most effective against a certain opponents, while using special abilities and variety of spells to recover from deadly attacks on the battlefield.

What is worth to add, game is far more challenging than typical games found on Facebook, especially on the higher experience level. Typically, one of the most interesting thing in King’s Bounty is player vs player battles, often very challenging similarly like in other free online strategy games, where player are quite demanding opponents. Battles against Facebook friends are a lot eas

ier than random players. In fact, so heavily encouraged is PvP that taking part in it, lose or win, will see your stamina bar refilled.

King’s Bounty: Legions is not all about battles, there is entertaining storyline in the campaign, which is making this game a lot deeper. Before we start anything there is as usual in free online strategy games, very helpful tutorial, showing us all details, about the game.

Quests and adventures!
As we are exploring the world map, we are visiting various towns and locations, where we can obtain very enjoyable quests. All quest rewards have significant impact on gameplay and are very helpful during the game. Game can be repetitive, because after each battle we need to adjust our units. As usual, while playing free online strategy games on Facebook, we are limited with stamina/energy bar during the game. However, King’s Bounty: The Legion is different because its isn’t impacting so much the gameplay; battles are long enough and PvP does not require energy! If someone want to play more, while energy bar is empty – PvP combat is great way to kill some time while waiting. A good idea is to add some benefits even we are not playing the game. There is an option to send out troops to fight in battles, get some gold or items, while we are outside or far away from our computer. This gives us much greater flexibility – using this option we can achieve much more with a minimum amount of time spent.

(King’s Bounty: Legions trailer)

Extraordinary gameplay



King’s Bounty: Legions is one of few games available on Facebook I really enjoy; especially if the game has quality very close to retail games, deep gameplay, and enjoyable battles. The game has some bugs, but they are not significant and do not affect much on the quality of the game. All pros are making the game exceptional if we compare King’s Bounty: Legions to other typical free online strategy games. We think this is a game worth playing, especially if someone is interested in turn based strategy games for free.