Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is one of the most innovative free online strategy games, especially if we are talking about tower defense games. This produced by Ironhidegames, from Uruguay is not like any other tower defense, with exceptional high quality graphics, amazing sound effects and overall gameplay.

Best tower defense ever!
Basically we must build towers, alongside the road to attack and stop enemies as they wade toward the exit point. Towers in our arsenal are very various, from ones shooting explosive dynamite to arrows, powerful spells or even sending out troops to guard the road. Tower there is the usual assortment of offerings, though they are not open from the start; they’re unveiled to the gamer as progress is made through Campaign, dovetailing great with each level’s difficulty.

In Kingdom Rush, there are twelve maps, and each of them can be completed to unlock the next one. After completing each stage in Campaign, we are awarded stars based on the number of survivors (20) that remain. Received stars allow us to upgrade attributes of ancillary or towers defenses. There are also 2 other modes of play available per stage once we have finish Campaign, each forcing us to survive either multiple waves or 1 gigantic wave of enemies with only one life to lose, along with other strict tower limitations.

Kingdom Rush is also very challenging game, because game isn’t about building high level towers – we have to construct, every single tower in the right place and upgrade in a predetermined order or opposing monster just run through our lines of defense. Some missions are exceptionally difficult, especially on high difficulty level, after trying various strategy concepts, finally I finished whole game, but it very exhausting and challenging task.

Best example how this online strategy game is polished is unique upgrade system – we can upgrade each of the 4 main types of towers (mages, archers, cannons, and barracks) as well as our 2 main powers (deadly meteor shower and peasant reinforcements – both very important during the game). On top of this you have different modes for each level to give us extra challenges (and more stars!) as well as an awesome achievement system!

Amazing graphics and few tips…
Graphics look amazing, with polished high quality, cartoonish units, variety of monsters, towers and other quality details. Game is currently one of my favorite free online strategy games created using java technology. Probably the only con I know, it’s that the game is to short! I rarely find anything like Kingdom Rush. You should know that there are few different strategies in the game, depending on the type of waves we are facing. There is large variety of enemies, from armor units, very resistant to any physical damage, but vulnerable to magic. Flying units can be attacked mostly by archers and wizards, but not artillery.

There are fast shooting towers doing little damage per shot (Archers), slow attacking types (Dwarven Bombardment), and the well-rounded tower (Mages), each with their own special kind of damage that certain enemies are vulnerable or resistant to. Artillery is the most effective weapon against hordes of enemies, but it’s far less effective against fast or flying units. There are also a barracks, with 3 troops blocking the way and attacking our foes with swords or later using throwing axes, nets or magical powers. We should remember to upgrade all towers in certain, effective order dependent on wave we must eliminate. What makes Kingdom Rush unique from all free online strategy games out there, it offers is in the in-game tower upgrades. After we upgrade up our tower 3 times with the gold we made annihilating enemies, we are given 3 choices for the 4th upgrade, each with 2 unique and upgradeable abilities (yes we need more gold). Archer towers, for instance, can become either a big leafy Rangers Hideout (very important upgrade, they are awesome!), or a sniper roost for mighty Musketeers with spectacular abilities.

(Kingdom Rush gameplay)

Exceptional quality
Best tower defense game
Cartoon graphics

Too short?!

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Kingdom Rush is one of the best free online strategy games I ever saw. Its light, cartoonish and very funny (click few times on artillery tower or other and listed what crew have to say!), also challenging for players who want something more. Casual players can always set difficulty level to easy. Gameplay is truly innovating, basically revolutionizing if we are talking about tower defense strategy games.

What can I say more? Kingdom Rush is one of the best online strategy games available. Every tower defense fan should play it now!