Iron Grip: Marauders

Iron Grip: Marauders is highly addictive turn based free online war game, where we can become pirate captain, who is focused mostly on resource raids, recruiting army, buying powerful war-toys and challenge other pirate captains (entertaining PvP mode!). With 2D interface, high-quality turn based 3D combat (it’s great to see Unity 3D engine in action!) – it’s definitely one of the most interesting strategy war games lately.

Unity 3D
No we are not sea pirates; we are commanding flying, high technology battleship, which is our home and base. Interface is allowing us to create character, manage army, interact with other players, and buy items, hire/upgrade troops and a lot more. The most exciting parts of the game are battles. By using mouse we can easily manage all units, with option to zoom in and out or scroll, while we are controlling our army from the bird’s eye.

Initially we have four units a bazooka team, militias and troopers. Each type of unit is strong against an enemy type, example tank is strong vs vehicles, infantry units are strong against tanks (bazooka team), militia is strong against other infantry (later is either effective against vehicles). On the beginning of the game managing, commanding and using own strategy is much simple, but later we will be wiped out many times so try to be careful, especially if you are playing difficulty level 3 raids or smuggle missions.

Apart from the skirmishes, which provide the action, there is a some of economics and science, we have to manage your resources (iron, gold, stone and wood) and balance research, base expansion and create army. Some may say game is looking little bit like Caesary and War of Legends, but it’s not true, especially if we consider unique “tactics” style combat. The battle-maps including buildings are amazingly rendered and convey the feel of the world to the player. Game is using Unity 3D engine, so I recommend using some graphics options in the main menu to set everything right. Let’s get back to the battlefield; first of all we must deploy our troops and then assign command to them.

Research and strategy
In Iron Grip Marauders there are 3 important places where we are managing our units between the battles/missions – Research, Training Room and Engineering. At Research, where our scientists and technicians are working, we can develop latest technology to improve our certain unit’s health, range and damage. Every process takes time and this depends on our production rate, which can be upgraded by some gold and iron; process takes from a few minutes at early stages of the game, to even a few days or weeks in the later stages. Also we can only work on technology when we advance certain experience level from raids and PvP battles. At Engineering we can create variety of tanks, artillery, ambulance (heals non-mechanical units), repair truck (repair mechanical units) and lots of other vehicles – available after research on certain experience level. At Training Room we can hire infantry – from bazooka soldiers, militia, and troopers to units like mounted bomber, very effective against any vehicle. Similarly to research section, production rate related to the Training room and the Engineering affect the length of trainings/production.

During the battle recommend sticking all units together, very close to each other; this makes your whole army a lot safer and flexible during the combat. Also your army can attack much stronger and faster wherever you are. We should move our units carefully, and not too quickly, turn after turn, while grouping army in one group. Of course this form of combat has some problems, because when our opponent is using artillery, it may easily damage few units with one shoot, so successful commander needs to keep adequate distance between all units. Also you should remember about retreat, because there pushing toward your opponent isn’t the only thing you can do during the battle.

(Iron Grip Marauders gameplay)

Exceptional combat
Unity 3D strategy game!
Original concept

Minor connection issues

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Iron Grip Marauders is one of the best looking free online war games available, showing quality, several great innovations and a lot more. Iron Grip: Marauders features high quality graphics, with animation during combat is very smooth and detailed. Even explosions are looking great and the off-battle images (buildings, units, world details) are pieces of art. Managing troop is very simple, enjoyable turn based combat is one of the best thing in the game. Game is especially for everyone who loved popular, classic Panzer General series will surely enjoy.

Remember about daily bonus! Each day login and you get 200 gold, 20 stone and 50 iron! Remember about that!