Heroes of the Might and Magic Kingdoms

Heroes of the Might and Magic Kingdoms is a browser strategy game, created by Ubisoft, based on Heroes of Might and Magic games, (especially Heroes V). With 4 unique factions, attractive visuals, complex hero system and overall quality, it’s one of the best free online strategy games though it’s not for players who love fast paced games.

Heroes of the Might and Magic via browser
At the beginning of the game we need to choose of 4 available game factions, each is unique, with variety of units, heroes, castles and buildings. More specifically, we can play Necropolis, Haven, Academy and Inferno. If someone remembers Heroes of the Might and Magic V, he will be probably familiar with all available units; each of them has been taken from this part of the series. For the example, if you choose Inferno faction, you’ll be able to recruit Imps, Horded Daemons, Succubus, Nightmares, Pit Fiends and Devils; developing all buildings to hire them is slow process, during which we need a lot of resources and gold. There are common resources, ore and wood and minerals, which are used to build more advanced structures including buildings that allow us to recruit less and more powerful units.

During the game is important to finish all in-game missions, as they guide us through the various stages of the game, we are getting a lot of gold and resources. Like in other free online strategy games, at the beginning of the game, we are receiving 15 days newbie protection. Newbie Protection is designed to allow players the opportunity to grow without being destroyed by much stronger players. It also stops new players from attacking much stronger players who would destroy them in the ensuing melee. During 15 days we must develop whole economy, recruit troops and prepare for Player vs. Player features; remember to create or join an alliance which is very important during the game – player is much safer after joining one. Kingdoms has a pleasant way of making sure that nobody comes invading our town while we are offline in the shape of a night-time mode, which is part of online strategy games. During this period, no one can attack you, which is good for casual players; waking up in the middle of the night and playing the game is not a normal thing.

Combat and running your kingdom
Fighting mechanics is pretty easy when you look at it (although it took me some time before finding out how everything works). Combat is basically “rock – paper – scissors” system: we have 3 types of units – ranged, melee, and mounted. Mounted have 50% bonus versus ranged but weak against melee ones, melee ones have 50% against mounted and so on. Having a balanced army is the essence of this strategy, and army is the key to successes; of course to maintain and develop, powerful army, we need build effective economy. As you may probably imagine, as you are going further and further away from your castle you will encounter more difficult garrison, but on the other hand – more experience, goods and artifacts. After you start with finishing basic parts of the game, it is time to train some soldiers in your barracks, sharp blades in the storage depot, and gather more supplies into the warehouse.

Kingdoms divide the timeline into season, which is currently a 6-month period; season timeline is used in some online strategy games. Servers are capped at max number of 3000 users, and all players are blocked from getting into the server month after the season has started for real. The reason is one and it’s not hard to guess: it prevents newbies or small-scale castle from being eaten alive by the more powerful alliances and their territories. During single season’s, the main objective of players is to obtain artifacts randomly scattered throughout the whole land of one server and make use of it.

During the game, each action taken has a certain time which will take to finish, whether it’s a new building, training a hero, or traveling to the battle. This is typical of some free online strategy games, except that in this case, actions take hours to complete even when we are adjacent to the castle a hero is in. The developers created this strategy game to be played for a few minutes at a time, a few times a day; this solution has positive and negative sides. It leads to a very slow paced game, resulting in tiny social interaction between people other than messages for joining alliances, and other diplomatic mail. Visuals are ok, although the game has no sound.

(Heroes of the Might and Magic Kingdoms trailer)

4 unique factions
Attractive visuals
Class/hero system

Very, very slow
Paying players have large benefits

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Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms should satisfy all strategy lovers, who are searching for free strategy game; however some feature/mechanics can be little bit controversial for some players – slow paced gameplay, balance issues. Player base is large, so there is no problem to find other players and create an alliance or invade & pillage. Overall Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms, with attractive visuals, in depth hero system and unique faction, is a game that can attract and keep us for long hours, even is slow and premium account is giving too many benefits to paying players.