Dungeon Overlord

Dungeon Overlord is a dungeon builder and one of the free online strategy games, where players are becoming evil overlords. Gameplay style looks like a combination of classic Facebook online strategy games and released in 1999 Dungeon Keeper. Unlike Dungeon Keeper where players were only building and defending their dungeons, in Dungeon Overlord they have to be more offensive and invade other dungeons. Fight with enemies and become ultimate evil overlord! That’s the game main motto!

Evil is good
Through the tutorial players are learning various in-game basics. First days can be difficult, because we start surrounded by rocks and lava; everything must be built practically from scratch. All newbie overlords have few warlocks, who are researching new, boosting up mining technologies, and goblin minions. Creating own dungeon takes some time – it takes mostly a week or two, depending on player’s in-game activity.

Meanwhile players are getting knowledge how to fight, mine resources and upgrade technologies, to make most of processes faster. Dungeon must be strengthen in order to be able to venture fights. At the later stages of game and after building a self-prosperous dungeon, players can start pillaging villages and attack other players. It’s where game starts for real and where being evil starts feeling very good. It’s unusual, because large part of games focuses mostly on giving player fun for approximately one, two weeks and then there is nothing more to do. In Dungeon Overlord players need to prepare for longer play. Conquered dungeons are rather cramped and players need to think before building anything. Even premium currency is not able to make dungeons bigger, although they speed up construction.

During the tutorial, players have to conquer some elven dungeons. Thanks to their sacrifice, players are able to make some progress and learn how to fight while having small loses. Whole tutorial takes some time, but it’s worth to complete it. Combat in Dungeon Overlord is based mostly on sending army in desired place and then waiting for result, which may disappoint fans of micro-management style of playing. Currently all games should be designed to focus much more on combat, while leaving or limit economical aspects. This should very well affect all free online strategy games.

Social overlording
Graphically, Dungeon Overlord is on much higher level as most Facebook games, especially strategies. Minions are detailed and there is no problem with distinguishing one from another. Unlike most of free online strategy games, where fullscreen is more like addition, without real impact on gameplay; in Dungeon Overlord it’s better to play with screen maxed out. Playing other way can be more difficult than easy. On the other hand during this mode keyboard doesn’t work, but everything is much better visible. Interface needs to be learned and it’s difficult to call it intuitive. Additionally, it requires from player thinking and learning how to use it may be a real challenge for some players.

Because game is available for Facebook, it offers various social features such as trading and we can get some help from friends (huraaay! Gifts!). It’s better to create some alliances as fast as possible; while having good defenses, players are able to send more army, which can conquer more underground lands. Community itself is active, helpful and usually, it explains various ambiguities to the newcomers. Those who want start playing in Dungeon Overlord should read Dungeon Overlord Wikia, which has some information about in-game basic mechanics.

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Innovative gameplay
Similar to good old Dungeon Keeper…


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Game is addictive and mostly players want to come back to game, but unfortunately after giving last orders, players have to wait. Attacking other players is especially rewarding and very entertaining, but there are limits, which ordinary player is not able to cross over. Dungeon Overlord surely will apply for everyone, who is bored with mainstream games and miss gameplay similar to, good old “Dungeon Keeper “. Game is definitely worth to play.