Battlestar Galactica Online

Need a break from online strategy games? Check out Battlestar Galactica Online, browser sci-fi multiplayer game, from the creators of SeaFight or Dark Orbit. Game is set in Battlestar Galactica universe and players can immerse themselves in the world of popular TV Show. We can play as Cylon or Human and battle in the vast cosmic space. Explore the galaxy, receive deadly weapons, and obtain high-tech spaceships.

Flying into galaxy
Game is set during season 2 of the Battlestar Galactica TV series, while gameplay centers on the ongoing war between 2 races – Humans and Cylons (cyborgs). Story is rather simple; humanity created a cybernetic race of Cylons, who revolted against their creators. During the revolution they invaded Twelve Colonies, killing thousands of humans and stealing resources; Battlestar Galactica Online takes place 40 years after the start of the Cylon conflict. Of course, if you have no idea about the show, you should not worry; game has been designed for all players, even for those who are not familiar with Battlestar Galactica at any level.

Right after character creation, and picking side of the conflict, player can discover faction’s spaceships, first missions and other basics about the gameplay, from the tutorial. Completing tutorial missions gives knowledge about game mechanics and in the same time, rewards player with additional money and experience.
What keeps Battlestar Galactica Online alive is PvP based gameplay, which is much more entertaining, than rather poor and boring PvE. Space combat is awesome it’s the best part of the game – especially PvP. Space battles in Battlestar Galactica Online are amazing – blasts, rockets, explosions, laser and torn to pieces spacecraft. Pure fun. It’s the main reason why this game is so popular and have big community.

During the game, player can own more than one ship, while it can be equipped with weapons, computers, hull upgrades and engines. Developers gave players access to ship customization – there is no problem to purchase new weapons, modify his engine or have desire to upgrade his spacechip in various ways. Parts can be upgraded, replaced or repaired – it’s up to you. Character is a pilot so, player must improve ability to pilot a ship – it helps during the game.

Main concept of the game beside PvP is gathering resources, and making money, while player becomes more influential. Missions are generally based on asteroid scanning, collecting resources, space patrols and annihilation of enemy starships. It’s worth to add, that it’s not a game recommended for players, who are searching for extensive PvE. While player is flying solo, it’s very easy target for all enemy players who are working together as a team. Going for the big resources requires using a mining ship, and for this activity, player needs help from his allies to protect mining ship.

Game controls may be problematic at the start, because beginner’s spaceships are difficult to control; however more experienced players, won’t have problems controlling their ship. Starship control is related to WSAD keys or mouse, which is typical for most multiplayer games. Gun type weapons shoot automatically whenever enemy gets within range, while all projectile weapons fire on command using keyboard hot keys.

Battlestar Galactica Online is a game, which strongly encourages players to purchase main in-game currency, Cubits, through the item store. This premium currency is very hard to collect, so in effect its need to be saved in order to use, and this way obtain more powerful items. Of course, we may obtain some Cubits through PvE, yet it may feel like a waste of time. Because game is PvP centric, it forces players to buy premium currency much stronger than in most free to play games. It’s probably the most significant weakness of the game, just like lack of extensive PvE.
Battlestar Galactica Online looks very good for a browser game; it’s probably currently the best looking games from all available free games in browser. The graphics are really breathtaking; the various ships are also extremely detailed, and look really cool. Weapon effects, missiles and explosions are great to look at. Sound is also attractive, yet music and sound effects are rather simple.

(Battlestar Galactica Online trailer)

Probably one of the best free to play space game
Popular franchise
Exceptional visuals
Large emphasis on PvP
Large community

Poor PvE
Mining is eating a lot of time

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Battlestar Galactica Online is one of the best space games available, with tremendous PvP action, big community, and breathtaking visuals. Game has very large emphasis on PvP, which is great, but on the other hand, there is no serious PvE. Also mining resources is eating too much time and to make some things faster, we must pay real money like in other free to play games. Cubits – premium currency – is one of the most controversial aspects of the game. All free games are pay to win these days…

Other information

Battlestar Galactica Online system requirements

Minimum system requirements
OS – Windows XP 32 bit, Mac OS X
Graphics Card – NVIDIA 8000 series (recommended nVIDIA 8800 or Higher)
CPU – Intel Dual Core 2.3 GHz to 2.69 GHz
RAM – 2 GB RAM or more