Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online is a free to play 3D MMORPG with unique strategy features; game mixes turn based combat, and MMORPG gameplay. With quality graphics and sound, deep storyline, and exciting end-game PvP options is one of the most original and innovating games.

In Atlantic Online, we are playing as a descendant of the ancient people “Atlantians”; noble nation of people. They were very proud, and highly civilized but unfortunately, also very greedy. As we journey through the game, it has a deep story to discover and pretty large in-game world. Since the cataclysm, they disappeared few thousand years ago, along the entire heritage of their civilization. Player’s mission is to find their lost capital city, the Atlantis. The Atlantica Online storyline is based on ancient civilizations: ancient Greece & Rome, the mythical Atlantis, Babylon, and Egypt. Player can discover areas from all over the world, like the Dracula’s Castle, Taj Mahal or Colloseum in Rome or New York City and many more exciting places.

Is it one of the free online strategy games or MMORPG? It’s first of all great MMOPRG with extended strategy elements. First of all, we player should complete tutorial and this way understand basics of the game. Tutorial is very simple, and is showing clearly the most important parts of the gameplay; during this stage of the game, we are able to hire only 2 mercenaries, but later, there is a possibility to hire additional 6 during our progress.

Turn based combat
What is so original in Atlantica Online, besides its really great online strategy game and MMORPG mix? During the game, we control a party of 9 characters at a time with one of the being main character and others as mercenaries. All mercenaries are leveling up just like main character and we can also equip them with items, collected during the adventures. Each mercenary slot is received after player’s main hero hit 10 levels. With variety of mercenaries (like Maniac or Janissary) skilled player can easily devastate enemy lines, destroying both, defenses and morale. If we are talking about strategic matters, as we are leveling, the game is becoming much more complicated; there are dozens of tricks, strategy elements and formation to use during the battle.

In game economy is player driven; player can buy the ingredients for crafting and create something useful or buy it from another player. This system has strengths and weakness, however is making the game much more extended. In-game battles, may remind popular Japanese style games like Final Fantasy VII, VIII or X, where combat system is similar. Yet, each turn is limited to 30 seconds, so battles are faster and more difficult (player can’t use pause).

PvP is very enjoyable part of the game, allowing players to participate in battles at the Colosseum in Rome. This part of Atlantica Online is very exciting, and it’s one of the strongest sides of the game. I can’t forget about helpful auto-run feature, making traveling much easier and less annoying.

(Atlantica Online trailer)

Original and innovate
Turn based combat
Entertaining PvP



Atlantica Online is an awarded and popular MMORPG with some strategy elements. With original gameplay combining turn based battles and more strategic approach to the combat is really, quality and well-made game. So there’s no reason not to give Atlantica Online a chance. Game should be great for every free online strategy games fans out there, yet it can be also entertaining for all MMORPG lovers. Even game is few years old.

Other information

Primary Character Weapon Choices – Cannon, Axe, Musician, Spear, Sword, Maniac, Gun, Staff
B-Class Mercenaries – Elementalist, Spartan, Pirate
C-Class Mercenaries – Lady Knight, Prophet, Janissary, Inventor, Princess, Cannoneer, Witch, Beast Trainer, Oracle, Exorcist, Minstrel Hwarang
D-Class Mercenaries –Swordsman, Archer, Artilleryman, Gunner, Shaman, Spearman, Monk, Viking

System requirements

Minimum Requirements
OS – Windows XP/2000/Vista
Graphic Card – GeForce4 TI4200 64 MB
CPU – Pentium 4 – 1GHz
RAM – 512MB

Recommended Specification
OS – Windows XP/2000/Vista
Graphic Card – GeForce4 TI4200, 64MB or DirectX 10 compatible
CPU – Pentium 4 – 2GHz or faster
RAM – 1 GB or higher
HDD – 10 GB or more