Age of Conan: Unchained

Need a break from free online strategy games? We would like to introduce Age of Conan: Unchained, unique MMORPG, based on the novels written by acclaimed author Robert E. Howard. In Age of Conan: Unchained, players immerse themselves into world of Hyboria to explore dark and brutal fantasy world.

Hyborian adventures
We are entering Hyboria, as a slave who has survived after the ship sank; without equipment, without money, only with little bit of hope to survive another hour. Age of Conan is based off the novels of Robert E. Howard, and is a game with a lush storyline and amazing character diversity. It takes place in the ancient Hyborian landscape, and lets us choose from 12 different playable classes. Each character can be personalized to an amazing way, making your character unique. With the choice of three different players can make their character as unique as they feel necessary. One of the most important features is character customization, which is enormous; races, tattoos, body features, and many more appearance altering options. Player can change almost every appearance detail and this way, create unique avatar. Game is offering virtual adventures without payment, so we can play, right after completing installation and subscription (obviously we must autoupdate the game and we are ready). On the other hand, game has some limitations if we are playing for free; with basic account we can play as Demonologist, Barbarian, Guardian and Priest of Mitra, but after buying premium account, we can play one from 12 total classes. A character’s choice of class determines the types of weapons and armor that character can use, as well as what abilities, skills, spells and feats the character will gain throughout his or her adventures.

All available classes:
Priest => Priest of Mitra – Tempest of Set – Bear Shaman
Soldier => Conqueror – Dark Templar – Guardian
Rogue => Barbarian – Ranger – Assassin
Mage => Herald of Xotli – Demonologist – Necromancer

The 12 classes in Age of Conan are divided up into 4 archetypes: Soldiers, Priests, Rogues, and Mages. Each archetype has 3 subclasses that inherit all of the archetypes’ features but become more efficient in certain areas. The soldier (tank) archetype breaks down into Dark Templar, Conqueror, and Guardian. All of them excel in other fields, Conquerors are very offensive warriors wielding heavy weapons and heavy armor, Dark Templars can use unholy spells during the combat, and Guardians are the most heavily armored from all available classes.

Revolutionary combat
What makes Age of Conan: Unchained revolutionary is the fighting system; featuring combos and variety of attacks is making the combat something much more than just simple clicking. Enemies are blocking your attacks? Try attack from the side or rear by moving your character dynamically; enemy is attacking you with powerful swing attack – dodge it, using your reflex and controls!

Combat system making the game very innovative, exciting and challenging; even veteran players will discover themselves getting killed pretty often. The game features some of the most impressive visuals of all available free MMORPG, and will put even the most advanced gaming computers to the test. Age of Conan game community is large and active so it’s not hard to enter a group of players to complete quests together. It’s not a bad idea to become part of a guild; there are pretty enjoyable tasks only available for guilds. Of course if you like play solo and online games are sometimes too crowded for you, there is a nicely created storyline too. Casuals and hardcore players can find a lot of activities to enjoy. Funcom is investing a lot of money to make Age of Conan: Unchained even better; with new player’s game is becoming larger with regular updates, more content, quests and dungeons to discover. Currently there are plenty of exciting instances, where you in order to go you need a good part because, you won’t be able to survive, fighting with horde of enemies, even you are very skilled.

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Amazing quality
One of the best MMORPG over created
Combo system
Character customization

Gigantic client

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After becoming free to play Age of Conan is one of the best games on the market; with quality sound and visuals, exceptional combo system, advanced character customization options and large in-game community. There are also a lot of quests, raids and other interesting in-game activities to get busy; In Age of Conan, there are many lands to discover without paying for subscription. Of course like in other free MMORPGs, paying players are receiving large benefits, but even so Age of Conan is game you should check out.

After turning into free to play, game is one of the best games on F2P market.

Other information

Age of Conan: Unchained system requirements

Minimum system requirements
OS – Windows XP/Vista
Graphics Card – 128 MB DirectX 9.0c
CPU – Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 3200 +
RAM – 1024 MB
HDD – 26 GB free

Recommended system requirements
OS – Windows XP/Vista
Graphics Card – Any 256 MB DirectX 9.0c
CPU – Pentium 4/AMD Athlon x2 4800+
RAM – 2048 MB or more
HDD – 26 GB free