Strategy flash games

Ready for best strategy flash games? Maybe you are looking for amazing tower defense or tactics and adventure in turn based rpg game? We would like to present exceptional strategy flash games, combining strategy, rpg or other genres into unique and fun production.

Kingdom Rush
Kingdom Rush is a unique strategy flash game for every player who is searching for quality tower defense. Game has a lot to offer; quality sound effects, amazing quality, splendid graphics and deep gameplay and much more. There is a lot to talk about this amazing online strategy game.

Like in other tower defense games, we must build towers – alongside the road, – to eliminate all enemies running towards the exit grid. In Kingdom Rush we are able to upgrade each of the 4 main types of towers, cannons, archers or mages; we can also use powerful meteor shower spell or reinforcement to help us anywhere on the map. There is large variety of opponents; from armor units, very resistant to any physical attack, but weak against magic damage to flying units, vulnerable to some units and towers we possess. There are 2 modes to play, available after finishing mission during the campaign. Game modes are challenging option for players who are searching for something more, while campaign is more likely for casual players.

Kingdom Rush is probably one of the best strategy flash games available; marvelous quality, exceptional graphics and sounds effect and – above all else – fantastic gameplay. It’s a game you can’t ignore.

Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch My Gems!
Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch My Gems! Is another after Villainous game where we are controlling the forces of evil like Undead, demons and nasty orcs! It’s one of the most popular strategy flash games currently, so check out more!

Like in other tower defense games, we must create line of defense alongside the road to annihilate all opponents walking towards the exit grid. In Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch My Gems! is unique compared to other tower defense flash games, because each tile has a different element; for the example Crypts (Undead) can be played on Snow tiles, while Dens (Orcs) must be places on different types of tiles (Dirt and Grass). In my opinion the graphics are well done, however Kingdom Rush still got better visuals!

Cursed Treasure is an addictive tower defense game; with pretty graphics, quality sound and first of all idea for the game. Of course I noticed some bugs like in other strategy flash games, entire game is enjoyable and deep.

Balloons Tower Defense 4
Balloons Tower Defense is an enjoyable strategy flash game and awesome tower defense strategy game; we are participating in monkey vs. balloon conflict! Ridiculous? Maybe. But, in fact, still very enjoyable. There are plenty monkeys to buy; including pilot monkeys, dart monkeys or even wizard monkeys (!).

Balloons have to be stopped from reaching a goal. Monkeys are rising up various types of towers, where every tower has different abilities and is useful while depending on situation on the “battlefield”. Players have to invest cash into best possible towers and combine their powers to win the game. Towers itself are…monkeys. At the beginning, balloons are weak and slow, but at the later stages of game they are becoming much tougher to pop. By popping balloon players are getting money. Cash is needed whenever player wants to upgrade or construct new towers. Besides balloon killing, players are getting money after every round, but its amount is decreasing throughout the game.

Balloons Tower Defense has colorful game and light, cheerful atmosphere keeping the game hilarious and totally fun to play. Game is free to play, but those who would like to play in additional content are able to pay for it. Balloons TD 4 is addictive and it may be recommended for all fans of strategy flash games.

Backyard Monsters
Your own monster town? Backyard Monsters is one of the most polished strategy flash games for Facebook; it mixes standard city-managing strategy features and monster breeding. With wonderfully designed strategy gameplay, excellent graphics it’s a must-play.

Game starts with tutorial, which clarifies game mechanics and how effectively managed our city of monsters. Like in most city-management games resources, search for new technologies and think strategically in order to minimize his loses and destroy the invader. Economy of the city is linked to the 4 rare resources, significant for our development. Economy, strong defense and wise development are the key to success. Game is humorous; Monsters have hilarious designs and make weird grunts and squeaks, while resources are flying into the silo with cartoon “Weee!”. Technology tree implemented into the game, forces players to focus on constructing and further upgrading 2 basic buildings.

Best strategy flash games on Facebook? Backyard Monsters and Kings Bounty: The Legions; Backyard Monsters can provide a lot of good fun. Excellent visuals, extremely addictive gameplay and dozens of social functions, especially helpful for those who enjoy playing with friends.

This time our defensive strategy is based on gems; GemCraft is a popular strategy flash game with usual “build, defend, build” cycle, however only defensive units/towers we possess are …gems. With great gem customization options, and addictive gameplay it’s a must try.

We need to put them into towers, using mana (in-game money) in a thoughtful manner, depending on strategy. Like in other tower defense strategy flash games, mana is mostly earned by annihilating the waves of opponents trying to conquer the base. GemCraft possess also some innovative elements; we can switch gems between towers, or use gems as grenades to wipe out enemies if situation is too complicated. Game offers a gem customization, allowing combining gems to create even more potent ones. Every single gem has a color denotes a special skill; for the example, red gems are shooting extremely fast, purple gems slow down enemies, or green have poison attacks with damage over time. If we combine 2 gems, they will still have previous abilities, however overall power of the gem will be lower.

The game is challenging, sometimes repetitive, but it’s worth to play few missions to check. While graphics maybe aren’t top notch GemCraft is one of the best strategy flash games, with very attractive and additive gameplay.

World Wars 2
World Wars 2 is a very simple and deep war strategy game, with the mechanics, very similar to classic Risk game – in fact World Wars 2 is a little less extensive. Game has simple graphics and sound effect, but totally addictive gameplay. Remember to keep your territories adjacent to each other!

The main target of World Wars 2 is to gain an absolute control over all territories on the map. On the start we have to pick up the team and how many players take part in the game. Game starts with a randomly created map on which all units are located or choose the map of Europe to play on. Player has always a blue territory. In game we are receiving reinforcement’s by the amount of territories connected to each other and this way, it’s much easier to win. During the game, we are attacking a neighboring enemy territory, and this way we are conquering bigger areas. Whoever wins the dice roll wins the territory. The more units we possess the better chance to win the game.

World Wars 2 is fun and simple war strategy game; simple, fun and addictive. Definitely sometimes you don’t need an extensive strategy game to have some fun.

In Villainous we become dark lord who is willing to take over the world with his minions; we control growing army of evil forces that are out to pillage burn and conquer. The question is are you bored with all goodness and saving world from another threat or evilness? We hope you do.

This time we are on the other side of the table; we are invading the land and run alongside the road, while the enemy is using tower defense to stop our hordes from achieving the goal. The key is to summon hordes of monsters that they will swarm along the path in each level to raid the village at the end. This way we are earning the in-game money – “infamy”. Basically we must summon our troop from the menu, by clicking them in the right order; some units can focus fire on them, while other can freely walk without threat to the destination point. Our goal is to survive as many waves as possible, which is often very challenging and totally fun.

Villainous is an enjoyable and challenging strategy. It’s not classic tower defense game, with different approach to the subject, while it’s nicely done and fun to play. It’s worth to play as a someone bad for once isn’t it?

Mud and Blood
Mud and Blood is an addicting war game, set during World War 2. It is based on randomized sandbox options and small-quad tactics. We are controlling soldiers and holding strategic point on the battle map, to make sure that the enemies doesn’t get through the defense line.

There are few Mud and Blood games, however every part has one basic thing in common; aim is to endure as many waves of enemies as is possible, while getting as many points as we are capable. In Mud and Blood, we can experience World War 2 as a squad leader in a random war game. Key to success is to manipulate and pick best units for certain enemy attack; it may be hard to accomplish, because, opponents are running in very large waves, right on our positions. Visuals aren’t top notch, but all games possess a soul and a really addicting gameplay.

Even the game has a minimalistic interface, it’s still very, very addicting – probably all WW2 fanatics will be satisfied. Mud and Blood is fun strategy flash game; player can set up defense spot with more than 40 options; different weapons, buildings, soldiers, and airstrikes.

Sonny is one of the top popular turn based adventure game with some strategy involved; we become a Zombie, which is pretty fun idea for a game. The game is vastly polished; featuring voice acting, great effects, abilities, dozens of items and solid story line.

The games action takes place in Final Fantasy style, turn based battles, with a dialog and cut scenes occurring from time to time. Sonny features several classes, more than 30 different abilities and many, many stats. Later, player can control additional characters to the party – each has unique abilities and traits – while they share an inventory. Most abilities have recharge times, which can be made up for by loading few instances of the same ability on actions screen. The game has a button called “Re-Spec”, allowing reassigning all abilities and stats from the start, giving a chance to play with different hero setups. During adventures, players are able to change the mod of the AI, between defensive, tactical and aggressive.

Sonny isn’t typical strategy flash game, however with a lot of strategy involved, great quality and all the advantages it offers; it’s definitely must play. Also mixes strategy and traditional RPG elements in a perfect way to offer exciting adventure for everyone. Unless you absolutely hate turn based games…