Heroes of the Might and Magic Kingdoms

Heroes of the Might and Magic Kingdoms is a browser strategy game, created by Ubisoft, based on Heroes of Might and Magic games, (especially Heroes V). With 4 unique factions, attractive visuals, complex hero system and overall quality, it’s one of the best free online strategy games though it’s not for players who love fast paced games. Heroes of the Might and Magic via browser At the beginning of the game we need to choose of 4 available game factions, each is unique, with variety of units, heroes, castles and buildings. More specifically, we can play Necropolis, Haven, Academy and Inferno. If someone remembers Heroes of the Might and Magic V, he will be probably familiar with all available units; each of them has been taken from this part of the series. For the example, if you choose Inferno faction, you’ll be able to recruit Imps, Horded Daemons, Succubus, Nightmares, Pit Fiends and Devils; developing all buildings to hire them is slow process, during which we need a lot of resources and gold. There are common resources, ore and wood and minerals, which are used to build more advanced structures including buildings that allow us to recruit less and more powerful units. During the game is important to finish all in-game missions, as they guide us through the various stages of the game, we are getting a lot of gold […]

World War 2 games

Looking for best World War 2 games for free? We would like to present list of exceptional games set during this devastating conflict. World of Tanks World of Tanks is a unique tank simulation game or tank shooter, set during the World War 2. It give us the chance to control, one of many available vehicles and combat enemies on the various maps, from devastated town, to forests near Prokhorovka. Ready for spectacular battles up to 60 players, each controlling tank like Tiger, T34 or IS-2?! In game vehicles – not only tanks, but also tank destroyers or self propered guns – where used this terrible struggle and we can choose between hundreds of them. There are 3 faction to choose with own tech tree and vehicles, which mean there is a lot of everything from tanks to guns. Main feature is the Deam Deathmatch during which, players are clashing in exciting battles; max 60 players, 30 on each side. Objective is to capture enemy base, so first of all, team must to eliminate most of their opponents. After each battle we are receiving experience points – used to buy technology – and credits. Credits are the main currency used in World of Tanks, so we can purchase new, more advanced tanks, new crew members or cannon with better range and more powerful caliber. World of Tanks is quality game, […]

Browser based strategy war games

Best strategy war games, are mixing quality strategy elements like economics, while balancing the game with war & battle features. Check out latest free strategy war games available in your browser. WarStory: Europe in Flames WarStory: Europe in Flames is another game set in World War 2 conflict and one of several free war games, showing us innovation, quality gameplay and exciting experience. Main mission is to take Berlin and finish the war, so every in-game brings us closer to this goal. Time to finish the war, time for glory, tactical maneuvers and strategy, the key is to win battles while taking minimal loses and win the race to capitol of Germany; their troops are occupying large part of the Europe, and we must save town after town. We can choose either as US or USSR, but always Germany is controlled by the artificial intelligence (AI). While we are picking our side, we are also choosing front: US –> Western front, USSR –> Eastern front. During the battles, we can surround opponent’s units to deal more damage or flank them; tactics and cunning is the key to the victory. WarStory has colorful, cartoonish graphics, but maybe it too bright. Overall WarStory: Europe in Flames is worth to play strategy war game, that mixes innovating gameplay and it’s set during the World War 2. Game is attractive, if someone is willing […]


ZooMumba is an original social strategy game directly to our browser, offering to enter into the zookeeping business. We are developing and controlling zoo, while we are taking care of our cute animals. The most notable thing about ZooMumba is that it enhances the animal care genre instead of offering something meaningly unique. Zookeeping business First of all it’s not one of the typical free online strategy games; idea of the game is simple, we must to generate income while we are feeding, cleaning and taking care of our pets. At the beginning of the game, we’ve got nothing. We need to build everything from scratch, including exercise area where our animals will live. At ZooMumba animals are purchased using PetPennies, the currency we receive each time somebody pays our zoo a visit. With each new visit, comes the chance to purchase more and more animals; after some time, we will receive access to more exotic animals and a whole lot of items that will help us decorate our zoo; our zoo must be unique, pretty and clean! Our pets must be happy all the time, which is associated with our income. Like in other popular online strategy games, we can unlock new features – animals, items and other stuff – when our experience level is rising. To make it happen, we must keep our zoo and animals clean, healthy […]

Online strategy games

Looking for best online strategy games for free? We would like to help you with that matter, especially if it is such a large number of strategy games and it is difficult to decide which to play. Check out our best strategy games list. Settlers Online: Castle Empires Settlers Online: Castle Empires is a fresh city-management strategy, based on classic Settlers games. It offers a variety of city building features, including trading, social interactions, and even battles. The key is to develop strong economy and create/join strong alliance. Like in most online strategy games for free, at start, helpful tutorial is showing all details of the game, while we are constructing first buildings in our settlement. Creating solid economy is important part of the gameplay; there are many buildings available to gather all important resources and food for settlers. Meantime priority is to keep workers happy, to make them work hard for the benefit of our economy. “Settlers” has a large emphasis on social aspects, making an alliance the essence of our survival and power. The game is unique that your friends can help you do multiple things, especially adventuring for fun and profit. Overall Settlers Online: Castle Empires, is a good and solid online strategy game, with a lot of interaction features; yet game is not very innovative. It offers enjoyable gameplay, however it can scare away some players, […]

Probably the best strategy game

League of Legends is probably the best strategy game for free, offering deep, team-oriented gameplay, challenging battles and unique mix of strategy and RPG elements. It is based on popular Warcraft 3 map called DotA (Defense of Ancients), and involves 2 teams battling against each other with each participant playing one of the game’s many heroes. Defense of the Ancients During the battle, every in-game player controls a champion, selected from more than 80 champions available. Each one, with their own unique set of skills, to act as their avatar while they control his or her actions from above. Right after selecting a champion, we may participate in battle; during the battle similarly to rpg, we must develop a character, while killing monsters and other characters, rise his level, surpass enemy’s team, and finally, destroy opponent’s base. All the while, NPC soldiers stream from each base to attack the other side – hero or NPC soldier – on their way to an epic fail in battle or, ultimate victory. It may sound simple, but in reality, it is far more complicated and often very difficult. Basically whichever team completes the objective, by annihilating the other team’s base, wins. In League of Legends, there are 5 different character types: Fighter, Mage, Assassin, Support and Tank. Each of these has their own strengths and weaknesses, just like in all online RPG games. […]

War Metal Tyrant

Looking for collectible card strategy games? Check out War Metal: Tyrant for Facebook! War Metal: Tyrant is about getting better cards and more powerful playing deck to duel opponents in exciting PvP or single player campaign mode. War Metal was launched by Synapse Games in June 2009 and has gathered many thousands of active players. It’s one of the most enjoyable card strategy games available for free. All about war… We are entering into Tyrant with one starter deck with a commander and systematically generated cards, and after that we embark on exciting combat against brutal raiders. Like in other free online strategy games, there is a helpful tutorial, showing basics about the game; for example, we need to eliminate the enemy commander to win, while we need to pay an attention to own commander’s health bar. During the game we are controlling 10-card playing deck. We have got a lot of possibilities; we can join guilds where others are building alliances, and we can also increase our reputation related to several of the game’s factions – by completing campaign missions. During the battle, like in normal card strategy game, we are receiving three random cards in order to deploy; turn is split into opponent and our move and we choose only 1 to deploy each turn. We and our opponent are picking 1 card at each turn; most of […]

Tribal Trouble 2

Tribal Trouble 2 is humorous and deep browser strategy game, giving us a great opportunity to become strong Viking leader who will lead his folks to glory and wealth! Viking hobbies? Plundering, scavenging, pillage and drinking tasty “potions”. In game we are developing our village and construction buildings needed for success, while we are participating in 3D battles, where real fun starts. Are you ready to try one of the most fun strategy games for free? Being a Wiking warboss First of all we are making our bearded avatar, picking name and we are ready to sail on Tutorial Island, where we are learning how to become a successful Viking. Being a Viking is a hard work, so tutorial is showing us everything about game mechanics – everything should be clear and simple, even for players who never saw any online strategy games. While we are learning, we can admire graphics and animation, because not many browser strategy these days, have these features too complex. Our units look pretty funny, with big noses, beards and generally ridiculous appearance; Tribal Trouble 2 is a humorous game. Commanding is simple and we are observing the battlefield looking from above. We are completing all available, in-game mission outside our village, by clicking on special maps with many islands; some are available to complete, but most of them must be unlocked by completing other […]