Remanum is a latest free online strategy game created by Travian games, set in ancient world, where we are ruling our kingdom; we must conquer it through wise diplomacy and trade. Basically players take on the role of merchant whose family name has fallen into disrepute; now we need to rebuild the reputation of our family, while gaining prestige and money. Business & politics Remanum is basically business online strategy game where we are focused only on industry, without any military use; it’s all about politics and business. On the beginning of the game we are choosing a game world and city (Roman, Celtic, Oriental and Carthaginian), pick up avatar picture and we are ready to play. Like other free online strategy games, Remanum has tutorial which teaches the basics about the game; how to earn a reputation; how to trade with other players; about politics & influencing the in-game world and about commodity chains. When players have enough money, they end up spending huge quantities to gain political influence. They can organize magnificent feasts on their estates, donate to the city treasury, or work together with other players to develop trading houses and temples. Important part of the gameplay is related to all kind of players’ interactions. We can work together to make city much stronger and more influential. In general we have to convince enough of other players […]

Lord of Ultima

Searching for online strategy games for free? Lord of Ultima is one of the most popular browser based online strategy games, made by Phenomic Studio, which belongs to Electronic Arts. It offers great, complex gameplay, high-level economic management and easy to grasp mechanics. In fantasy universe, players are developing their cities and fight for power through economy & army domination. My liege In Lord of Ultima we are becoming city sovereign and absolute ruler; similarly like in other free online strategy games available. Character creation limits to selection of name and one of twelve portraits, so it’s pretty basic. After that we have to complete a chain of quests; it introduces basic mechanics and Lord of Ultima storyline. First we have to build a woodcutter’s hut near a forest, then a cottage and so on; while we are learning more about the game, we are also building our kingdom. Unlike in most browser online strategy games, we have to watch where we are placing our buildings. For example, placing a cottage near lumberjack’s hut grants us with boost to wood harvesting. There are various buildings available; every of them have its own purpose and has different effect on other structures. As we progress with city development, we gain access to more and more structures, to 34 in total. Additionally, cities with access to river or sea are able to build […]

Downloadable strategy games online

Best client based strategy games available via download. This time we would like to present, most exciting downloadable strategy games online. Each of them is available for free. Just download the client… League of Legends League of Legends is one of most popular, downloadable strategy games online. Game offers extended, DotA style, PvP battles and very challenging gameplay. It’s very challenging and difficult to master strategy game. Basically there are 2 teams, with few characters, controlled by players. Objective is simple: to annihilate enemy defenses and ultimately, their base. However opponents are trying to prevent this, with characters and spawned creeps (NPC controlled units). Throughout the game characters, gather experience and money and invest them into additional inventory and ability upgrade. League of Legends goes by just the same concept, with the difference that game runs on different engine. Key to victory lays in efficient teamwork and individual players skills; the most difficult part of the game beside teamwork is to remember all opponent’s strengths and weakness. Overall, popular LoL, is one of the most challenging strategy games online for free with exceptional visuals, simple controls, and enormous community. Yet, League of Legends needs a lot of practice; to play well, player need to practice almost every day. Age of Empires Online Probably everyone recognize Age of Empires game series, so this time let’s have a look on Age of […]

Best Strategy Games 2013

Check out best strategy games for free, released or upcoming in 2013. End of Nations End of Nations is new generation strategy games, and it’s much more than just real time strategy. Main game mode is “Conquer the World”, featuring battles up to 26 vs. 26 players. Game’s action is placed at the end of 21 century, when earth is ruled by the world government after witnessing global crisis. End of Nations takes place on an unprecedented scale, numerous innovations and amazing visuals; it’s looking marvelous and is available as free to play strategy game. End of Nations offers a lot to anyone who love free online war games, especially with numerous spectacular features; system, 26 vs. 26 battles, unique game experience and multimap feature. Those who want to master game mechanics before trying their strength online, are free to complete solo campaign. Overall is almost perfect game; massive multiplayer battles, amazing gameplay and balance, fantastic visuals. End of Nations has some minor issues like latency problems or other tiny bugs, yet is one of the best strategy games available. Dota 2 Dota 2 is sequel to the popular Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III and amazing real time strategy game. Two teams, 5 vs 5 battles, amazing visuals and addicting gameplay. With coach system, bot replacement for quitters is top Dota game. There are over 80 characters […]

Savage 2

Savage 2 is one of the most original online games with some strategy features; it’s not typical free online strategy game, but RPG (role-playing), RTS (real time strategy) and FPS (first person shooter) mix. Players can pick between 2 factions (Beasts and Humans), and are required to utilize teamwork and co-operation to beat the other team while taking orders from their commander – controlled by player from above. RTS, RPG, FPS… The objective of the game is simple, but not as simple as it sounds – each team possess base, and the mission is to destroy opposing team’s base. Similarly to League of Legends, Savage 2 is very team oriented, so partially has also its weakness. Before entering the real battle, we should play a tutorial; however it’s more of an audio tape of the manual, giving some details about Savage 2 game mechanics. The battles are being played on fairly large maps; each side is able to create building in the manner of a base building real time strategy game. At the beginning of each battle, every team must choose a commander and officers; secondly players are picking who will be many units such as scout, builder, healer or a warrior, from the number of about 20 units. By killing opposing units on the battlefield, each participant receives in-game gold and experience points used to improve character during the […]

Strategy flash games

Ready for best strategy flash games? Maybe you are looking for amazing tower defense or tactics and adventure in turn based rpg game? We would like to present exceptional strategy flash games, combining strategy, rpg or other genres into unique and fun production. Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush is a unique strategy flash game for every player who is searching for quality tower defense. Game has a lot to offer; quality sound effects, amazing quality, splendid graphics and deep gameplay and much more. There is a lot to talk about this amazing online strategy game. Like in other tower defense games, we must build towers – alongside the road, – to eliminate all enemies running towards the exit grid. In Kingdom Rush we are able to upgrade each of the 4 main types of towers, cannons, archers or mages; we can also use powerful meteor shower spell or reinforcement to help us anywhere on the map. There is large variety of opponents; from armor units, very resistant to any physical attack, but weak against magic damage to flying units, vulnerable to some units and towers we possess. There are 2 modes to play, available after finishing mission during the campaign. Game modes are challenging option for players who are searching for something more, while campaign is more likely for casual players. Kingdom Rush is probably one of the best strategy flash […]

Age of Conan: Unchained

Need a break from free online strategy games? We would like to introduce Age of Conan: Unchained, unique MMORPG, based on the novels written by acclaimed author Robert E. Howard. In Age of Conan: Unchained, players immerse themselves into world of Hyboria to explore dark and brutal fantasy world. Hyborian adventures We are entering Hyboria, as a slave who has survived after the ship sank; without equipment, without money, only with little bit of hope to survive another hour. Age of Conan is based off the novels of Robert E. Howard, and is a game with a lush storyline and amazing character diversity. It takes place in the ancient Hyborian landscape, and lets us choose from 12 different playable classes. Each character can be personalized to an amazing way, making your character unique. With the choice of three different players can make their character as unique as they feel necessary. One of the most important features is character customization, which is enormous; races, tattoos, body features, and many more appearance altering options. Player can change almost every appearance detail and this way, create unique avatar. Game is offering virtual adventures without payment, so we can play, right after completing installation and subscription (obviously we must autoupdate the game and we are ready). On the other hand, game has some limitations if we are playing for free; with basic account we […]

Free online strategy games

Searching for best free online strategy games and you have doubts, which one, deserves your attention? We would like to present – in our opinion – the best strategy games available in your browser. Enjoy! Iron Grip: Marauders Iron Grip: Marauders is one of the best free online strategy games, where we can develop a marauder army, explore the in-game world or combat other players. Game has some economy features, without city developing mechanics – the most important part of the game is battle related. Story is set in the popular Iron Grip universe, where we are commanding marauder airship. The most important part of the gameplay is connected to the turn based battles, besides we can research weaponry, and develop technology to upgrade our troops, and this way improves chances during the battle. Visuals during turn based battles are looking awesome, because battles are based on Unity 3D engine. Iron Grip: Marauders is a fun and addictive turn based strategy with emphasis on battles and PvP. With quality graphics, battles supported by Unity 3D engine, addictive gameplay and large variety of units it’s definitely one of the coolest online strategy games for free. Settlers Online: Castle Empires Settlers Online: Castle Empires is a great city-management online strategy game, based legendary series Settlers. It offers a variety of city building features, including trading, fighting with others or teaming up. At […]