Downloadable strategy games online

Best client based strategy games available via download. This time we would like to present, most exciting downloadable strategy games online. Each of them is available for free. Just download the client…

League of Legends
League of Legends is one of most popular, downloadable strategy games online. Game offers extended, DotA style, PvP battles and very challenging gameplay. It’s very challenging and difficult to master strategy game.

Basically there are 2 teams, with few characters, controlled by players. Objective is simple: to annihilate enemy defenses and ultimately, their base. However opponents are trying to prevent this, with characters and spawned creeps (NPC controlled units). Throughout the game characters, gather experience and money and invest them into additional inventory and ability upgrade. League of Legends goes by just the same concept, with the difference that game runs on different engine. Key to victory lays in efficient teamwork and individual players skills; the most difficult part of the game beside teamwork is to remember all opponent’s strengths and weakness.

Overall, popular LoL, is one of the most challenging strategy games online for free with exceptional visuals, simple controls, and enormous community. Yet, League of Legends needs a lot of practice; to play well, player need to practice almost every day.

Age of Empires Online
Probably everyone recognize Age of Empires game series, so this time let’s have a look on Age of Empires Online. Basically it’s a city manager strategy with instanced battles, looking like good old Age of Empire games.

Our capital is the heart of our empire, while the most important mission is to make it prosper. Large part of the gameplay is focused on doing missions/quests; this is when game looks like good old Age of Empires. Player force villagers to collect resources, construct buildings and recruit army. Villagers are important part of the game, because they are making our business running, just like in other part of the game. Missions/quests are repeatable, like kill some enemies, or more unique like quest to save fisherman’s kids from the kidnappers.

Game is for all who love Age of Empires games and are looking for downloadable strategy game online. With quality visuals graphics and fun gameplay is worth to check out. Yet game has some, PvP related, balance issues.

Savage 2 – A Tortured Soul
Savage 2 is one of the most exciting free online games, created as mix of RPG (roleplaying game), RTS (real time strategy) and FPS (first person shooter). Probably the most important part of the gameplay is innovating gameplay and high quality visuals.

The battles take place on large maps, where either side is able to create structures in the manner of a base-building real time strategy game. The objective of the game is simple – each team is fighting to destroy, opposing team’s base. The main concept of the game is that the players are like units, and the resource-managing eye in the sky is the commander. Commander oversees the game in a real time strategy mode. He can construct buildings to upgrade the technology, create towers for defenses, cast spells, supporting/offensive spells to help the team on the battlefield. Visuals are looking great; unit’s design and animation are marvelous, while Savage 2 is bright with colorful special effects.

Playing as commander is great game for a break I guess and Savage 2 as one of the best downloadable strategy games online. It mixes strategy, first person shooter and role playing gameplay into very original game.

LOCO – Land of Chaos Online
Searching for original and fast paced strategy? LOCO – Land of Chaos Online mixes strategy, role-playing and first person shooter features. Gameplay is something between League of Legends and Savage 2.

Part of gameplay reminds DotA strategy games online, players are selecting hero, gearing him up and enter into the fight. List of available heroes is rather small, but all characters may be unlocked throughout the game. Players can have fun in 2 available game modes, where one offers more DotA-like battle, second one, “Team Deathmatch”. During the game players have to utilize strategy with shooting skills, which is .the biggest challenging of the gameplay.

LOCO is a quality game, recommended for everyone looking for fast paced, original and challenging gameplay. Visuals are well-done, while characteristic art style will keep many players in front of their displays.

Heroes of Newerth
Heroes of Newerth it’s one of the most successful DotA games, besides League of Legends, or Bloodline Champions. Like other Defense of the Ancient games, HoN has large emphasis on PvP battles.

Player can choose between more than 70 unique heroes, with a variety of skills and traits. Every of them have different skills that can be used specifically depending on the situation on the battlefield. Game is very team-oriented, so good teamwork is the essence of the game. Players are battling in 5v5 teams and after every game they are rewarded with experience and gold depending on the final result. Game is simple, though is better to check out guide or tutorial or more experienced players will easily eat us. DotA games require true devotion in order to master it.

Heroes of Newerth is a highly challenging game, so it’s difficult to recommend this game for causal players, even though it’s worth to try, because Defense of the Ancients games are very spectacular and quality games.

World of Battles: Morningstar
World of Battles: Morningstar is a fantasy strategy game that incorporates real time strategy and role playing elements. Player can form units with dark elves, giants, barbarians or knights and participate in massive PvP battles. Some of us, the game may remind tablet top Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Similarly to table-top games, player needs to defeat enemies in order to raise his rank on the Leaderboards. During the game, players can create their own army and clash with other players forces for experience points and currency. Each troop can be equipped with magic items, weaponry or armor. In World of Battles, battle occurs in real time, allowing players to use fast maneuvers to flank or surprise opponents.

World of Battles: Morningstar is an awesome and unique real time strategy game online. It offers, fast paced battles, original gameplay, solid visuals and active community. It’s pretty cool game, reminding me Warhammer Dark Omen or Warhammer Mark of Chaos.

BattleForge is a real time war game and trading card game into exceptional game. With quality graphics, voice acting, successful combination of trading card game and war game. BattleForge is especially for those who are seeking for fast-paced action, real time war games.

On the beginning we can play tutorial, very helpful before we start our adventure in BattleForge. After tutorial, we should know basics about gameplay and know better game experience. On the battlefield we must get control under special structures and this way get more units (Power Wells), using this structures is generating special points need to “hire” additional units – it’s the key to domination and victory. In BattleForge all units, building and spells are cards, used during the battles. Both spells and building are helping our units to dominate the battle. Every player who needs more cards – units, spells and buildings – must obtain additional 8 card booster pack to improve the deck.

BattleForge is a great game; with exceptional fast-paced combat, simple control and great overall quality. It’s a unique game that combines trading card system and strategy gameplay.

Bloodline Champions
Bloodline Champions is a mix of few genres – role playing game, real time strategy, and DoTA (Defense of the Ancients). Game offers extended PvP battles, while players are taking control over single hero and co-operate with others.

Bloodline Champions similar to multiplayer arena games, is Player vs Player game. There are 3 game modes, while developers included a map editor, for those players who want to create something. Controls are simple, while game is challenging, like other PvP based games. Main focus of the gameplay is related to teamwork skills than on balance between items sets – players have to time their actions in order to be successful. Also it forces players to try playing every existing class thanks to spinning hero roster.

Bloodline Champions is accessible for everyone who is interested in challenging fast bloody PvP action. Because of similarities to DOTA genre, it’s often compared to League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth.

The Battle for Wesnoth
The Battle for Wesnoth is a unique fantasy strategy game, where players are able to create own unique world. Game offers at least 16 races, 200 unit types, 6 major factions, with a possibility to create own original units, scenarios, maps and campaigns. As an open source turn based strategy is offering more than many commercial titles available.

The most important feature of the game is that it’s only limited by creativity. Players can develop unique units, scenarios, maps, or even unique campaigns. No much to be interested? Game offers possibility to challenge up to 8 players in multiplayer battles. Battles are played on a hex map, and strategy consists of analyzing terrain, opponents unit’s weaknesses and unit’s strengths or even time of day. World is populated by fantasy creatures like trolls, orcs, elves, dwarves and humans, as well as dragons.

We can design and build own world, play already created scenarios and campaigns or develop new ones. Overall, game is worth to check out. Visuals are looking outdated, yet this strategy game online is really original and fun to play. It’s an open source turn strategy, available via download.