Free online strategy games

Searching for best free online strategy games and you have doubts, which one, deserves your attention? We would like to present – in our opinion – the best strategy games available in your browser. Enjoy!

Iron Grip: Marauders
Iron Grip: Marauders is one of the best free online strategy games, where we can develop a marauder army, explore the in-game world or combat other players. Game has some economy features, without city developing mechanics – the most important part of the game is battle related.

Story is set in the popular Iron Grip universe, where we are commanding marauder airship. The most important part of the gameplay is connected to the turn based battles, besides we can research weaponry, and develop technology to upgrade our troops, and this way improves chances during the battle. Visuals during turn based battles are looking awesome, because battles are based on Unity 3D engine.

Iron Grip: Marauders is a fun and addictive turn based strategy with emphasis on battles and PvP. With quality graphics, battles supported by Unity 3D engine, addictive gameplay and large variety of units it’s definitely one of the coolest online strategy games for free.

Settlers Online: Castle Empires
Settlers Online: Castle Empires is a great city-management online strategy game, based legendary series Settlers. It offers a variety of city building features, including trading, fighting with others or teaming up.

At the beginning of the game, tutorial is showing us all details about the gameplay. Like in other city management strategy games, we need to create whole economy, while teaming up with others. Various buildings are available to gather stone, wood, and provide food for our citizens (or settlers). Meanwhile we should keep our citizens overjoyed, to make them work even harder. Big part of the gameplay is connected to social aspects of the game, so creating or joining an alliance should help in developing the city’s economy. The game is unique that your friends can help you do multiple things, especially adventuring for fun and profit.

Settlers Online: Castle Empires, has gameplay and a dozens of interaction features; yet game is not innovative, and maybe combat should be much more complex than it is.

Terra Militaris
Terra Militaris it’s a kingdom free online strategy game, that introduces many great features; guild-based PvP, hero system with emphasis on real time combat. Gameplay is also related to kingdom management features, so we have to develop a solid economy, while teaming up with others.

There are 4 available civilizations: China, Egypt, Persia, or Rome, and we can fight against other players (PvP) or computer enemies (PvE). Each civilization has some unique bonuses, units and buildings; e.g. Egyptians special unit – Anubis chariot, China has lower construction time.
The hero system is similar to the leveling system often find in MMORPGs. The heroes serve as “commanders” during the combat, where they take part and provide morale boost and exceptional strength as a unit. We can participate in real time battles – PvE (Player vs. Environment), PvP (Player vs. Player), or up to 4 players Guild vs. Guild battles.

Overall Terra Militaris is a good and worth to try; addictive real time combat, Guild vs. Guild battles, exceptional Player vs. Player. Flaws? Repetitive – PvE or PvP features, are very schematic.

Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances
Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances, takes us into the next scene of the conflict between two opposing factions, Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod. Game offers good balance, deep gameplay, interesting social features and popular franchise.

At the start, the tutorial offers a fast and simple explanation of the gameplay, and everything about mission system.
The main focus at the beginning of the game is to collect resources and build important infrastructure; we build Harvesters to collect Tiberium and Crystals, which are essential to building everything from constructing building to troops. Combat is simple, we place our units in rows and units are attacking along a set path without our control. Combat is Graphics and visuals are attractive, similar to Tiberian Sun in the term of quality.

Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances is fresh and entertaining free online strategy for free, with balanced, addictive gameplay, easy to use interplay and excellent tutorial. Flaws? Slow paced and repetitive gameplay can scare away some strategy fans.

Ikariam is a very popular city-manager, in which we are managing settlement on an island. Game mixes Civilization and Age of Empires, into enjoyable free online strategy game, with many cool features; technology tree, social interactions, unique in game world.

In game, we are managing our settlement, on the island, while everyone is owned by a real player. To make business running, we need to gather resources, by sending citizens to work. After some time we can develop buildings, and on the beginning we are building quick, while later it takes a long hours or even days to develop. After developing certain technology we can also mine, exceptionally expensive recourses (marble, gems) or luxury resources (wine, grapes, ivory). After building a palace, we can expand our borders, and get more territories; this way we can irritate other players, so joining an alliance it’s necessary – sooner or later.

Overall, like other free online strategy games, Ikariam has a lot of entertaining features; researching technology, gathering resources, constructing building, and interaction with others. Yet gameplay is slow-paced, and game has an outdated graphics – even so it’s worth play, how Ikariam mixes Civilization and Age of Empires.

SkyRama is free to play management online strategy game. It features quality, cartoon graphics and possibility to manage and develop virtual airport. As a director who manages everything; keep passengers happy and in the same time manage airport, ground crew and manage with flight schedule chaos.

At the beginning we have only one plane and single airport with only airstrip. Because Rome hasn’t built in one night, so to move up on ladder of power, we need to earn cash by sending plane in various places in the world. This way, after some time we are able to purchase additional terminals airstrips, hotels and airports; business must be effective or the company will collapse. Client’s comfort is most important thing in SkyRama. Like in other online games, it’s important to send some invites to friends, because friends are able to send their airplanes reciprocally.
Visuals are cartoonish, and quite attractive, even it’s only 2D strategy.

SkyRama may be recommended for everyone who enjoys management tycoons and theme park management strategy games. However it can be repetitive at some point, game is similar to several years old Airline Tycoon.

Remanum is a latest economic strategy game, set in ancient era, players must conquer the world through smart diplomacy and effective trade. In this popular strategy, from the creators of Travian, we are only focused on politics and business, without combat/battles.

In game we are taking the role of merchant family member, who need to rebuild their reputation, prestige and earn a lot of money. Remanum is strategy game focused on trading and production; it’s the key elements of gameplay which may not appeal to everyone. On the start, we are choosing a game world and city (Celtic, Roman, Oriental, and Carthaginian), next we have to pick avatar picture and we are ready to play. Remanum has tutorial teaching us the basics about the gameplay; how to – get more reputation, trade with others and about politics and influencing the world. During the game, we will be facing off against thousands players from around the world. Graphics are cartoonish and simple, yet game is well-polished.

Remanum can be great offer for everyone; it has simple graphics, easy to use interface, and a lot of economy; however its slow paced gameplay and emphasis on economic aspects can scare away some players. Free online strategy games are mostly more balanced, yet Remanum is still worth to play.

Lord of Ultima
Lord of Ultima is a popular free online strategy game, created by EA Phenomic studio; same team behind Spellforge and Battleforge. Game distinguishes itself while still maintaining the classic, familiar gameplay style.

In most of the best free online strategy games, we start off with a tiny settlement, and we have to build it up by generating resources, constructing new buildings, upgrading town hall and army developing. Army may include various available in-game units like light infantry, mages, heavy infantry, paladins, scouts, siege weapons and naval units. During the game, we must decide how best to expand empire; through settlement or battles. Each way has its own pros and flaws, however it’s necessary to form/join an alliance succeed. First player who upgrade the palace to level 80, will gain the “Lord of Ultima” title and his alliance will be the victorious one.

Lord of Ultima is an original strategy, with many quests, dungeons and interesting world; however gameplay itself is slow paced, especially after entering into advanced stage of the city.

Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms
Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms is an online strategy games for free, based on the popular Might and Magic franchise. Game offers city managing features; recruiting heroes and powerful units, building kingdoms, and forming strategic alliances.

There are 4 factions battling for dominance in the world – Haven, Inferno, Necropolis, and Academy. Each faction has its own strengths, weaknesses, buildings, units, and unique heroes. Like in other city manager games, we have to develop solid economic foundation, to make our business running. Gold is the most important resource to run our kingdom; it’s the essence, however there are rare resources including Mercury and Sulfur, and the common sort, Wood and Ore. Graphics is well-made, so everyone who like Might and Magic franchise should be satisfied.

Overall Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms is offering a lot of enjoyable entertainment; well-made graphics, balanced factions, advanced hero customization and great units, however its imbalanced with very powerful premium features.

Travian it’s a classic and even after years; it’s still popular browser strategy game. Players choose their tribe (Teutons, Romans, Gauils), form alliance, manage village and battle with other players.

Players have to manage their own village and at later stages of game, management extends on next settled towns. Beside town management and various upgrades, player has to build his army and use it to defend his borders and pacify his enemies. During the invasions players is gaining various resources by simple pillaging. Soldiers need food, even those virtual ones, so in order to make the army limit higher, player has to build crop fields and may get new recruits. Alliances are also very important while playing and without trustful friends, survival is impossible.

Travian is aged game with old for current requirements interface, but it’s still worth to play and very entertaining game. Although in order to become season’s winner game needs some cash to spend on, it’s still valuable and fun experience.