Best Strategy Games 2013

Check out best strategy games for free, released or upcoming in 2013.

End of Nations
End of Nations is new generation strategy games, and it’s much more than just real time strategy. Main game mode is “Conquer the World”, featuring battles up to 26 vs. 26 players. Game’s action is placed at the end of 21 century, when earth is ruled by the world government after witnessing global crisis.

End of Nations takes place on an unprecedented scale, numerous innovations and amazing visuals; it’s looking marvelous and is available as free to play strategy game. End of Nations offers a lot to anyone who love free online war games, especially with numerous spectacular features; system, 26 vs. 26 battles, unique game experience and multimap feature. Those who want to master game mechanics before trying their strength online, are free to complete solo campaign.

Overall is almost perfect game; massive multiplayer battles, amazing gameplay and balance, fantastic visuals. End of Nations has some minor issues like latency problems or other tiny bugs, yet is one of the best strategy games available.

Dota 2
Dota 2 is sequel to the popular Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III and amazing real time strategy game. Two teams, 5 vs 5 battles, amazing visuals and addicting gameplay. With coach system, bot replacement for quitters is top Dota game.

There are over 80 characters available, with unique skills, statistics and methods of combat, while players are choosing between two factions available; the Radiant and the Dire. The key to the victory is efficient team work, while each team must destroy enemy base and win the battle. Game is introducing coach system and bot replacement for quitters, often ruining the game in other dota games (League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth).

Overall Dota 2 is really good and addictive game, offering a lot. It’s not just another dota game.With coach system, bot replacement, high quality visuals and steam availability is one of the best strategy games 2013.

Settlers Online

Settlers Online is a free strategy game based on classic series of strategy games. Game isn’t only for Settlers fan, but for everyone who enjoy strategy, trading and alliances.

On the beginning, player receives a small settlement; mission is to expand borders and construct as many building as it’s possible. Buildings are ranging from military, defensive, production, to research lab. Like in other city management strategy games, growth is connected to gathering resources, which is the most important requirement for all strategy. Settlers Online is no exception. Additionally, we need to keep making our setters happy, so that they can work harder and devote themselves into the future production. The massive part of the game is connected to social aspects of the game; player needs to be active part of his guild/alliance and this way prosper.

Settlers Online takes on the storyline-based questing and once we perform the quest and finish it, we will be greatly rewarded with items or rare resources. With quality visuals, enjoyable gameplay is a strategy for all players.

Remanum is a browser free strategy game, set in ancient times; player must conquer the world, through wise diplomacy and trade. Player is taking the role of merchant family member, who need to save family reputation, prestige and earn a lot of money. Basic question is who will be the most successful handler of the ancient world?

During the game, players are only focused on economic and cash, without any battle use; only politics and business matters. Remanum has tutorial which teaches the basics about the game; how to earn a reputation; how to trade with other players; about politics & influencing the in-game world. First of all, players must choose a game world and the city (Roman, Celtic, Oriental, and Carthaginian), second pick up character picture. During the game, we will be facing off against hundreds or possibly thousands of players from around the world.

Remanum is strategy game only about trading, production and politics; it’s the key elements of gameplay which may be controversial. Game has vivid visuals, simple interface, and a lot of economy features; yet its slow paced gameplay can be boring for those who are searching for online action.