Online strategy games

Looking for best online strategy games for free? We would like to help you with that matter, especially if it is such a large number of strategy games and it is difficult to decide which to play. Check out our best strategy games list.

Settlers Online: Castle Empires
Settlers Online: Castle Empires is a fresh city-management strategy, based on classic Settlers games. It offers a variety of city building features, including trading, social interactions, and even battles. The key is to develop strong economy and create/join strong alliance.

Like in most online strategy games for free, at start, helpful tutorial is showing all details of the game, while we are constructing first buildings in our settlement. Creating solid economy is important part of the gameplay; there are many buildings available to gather all important resources and food for settlers. Meantime priority is to keep workers happy, to make them work hard for the benefit of our economy. “Settlers” has a large emphasis on social aspects, making an alliance the essence of our survival and power. The game is unique that your friends can help you do multiple things, especially adventuring for fun and profit.

Overall Settlers Online: Castle Empires, is a good and solid online strategy game, with a lot of interaction features; yet game is not very innovative. It offers enjoyable gameplay, however it can scare away some players, because of repetitive gameplay.

Age of Empires Online
Are you familiar with Age of Empires games? Free to play online strategy game, Age of Empires Online is the next installment of this popular strategy series. With variety of quests, real time battles, player vs player features is worth to try strategy game.

At the start we receive a capital city, and we have to make it prosper, rich and happy. Most of the gameplay is focused on completing quests, which occur as a classic Age of Empires gameplay. Making balanced economy is important during the game, so first step is to buy villagers, meanwhile construct buildings and controlling an army – like in other real time strategy games. In game we can play variety of quests, from repeatable like kill some enemies, or missions to save some kinds from kidnappers.

Overall Age of Empires Online, is enjoyable and fun, with satisfying PvE features. Also if offers nice cartoonish visuals, quality and it’s available for free. However freemium/premium model is making the game very unbalanced, probably too much.

Terra Militaris
Terra Militaris is a browser strategy game; the most important part of the gameplay are guild-based player vs player battles, and battles itself, with emphasis on real time combat. Game has also city-management features, making players to develop a solid economy, while teaming up with others.

There are 4 available civilizations: China, Egypt, Persia, or Rome and each civilization has some unique bonuses, for the example, Egyptians receive special unit, Anubis chariot, while Rome’s units possessing higher than average health. We can participate in real time battles – PvE (Player vs. Environment), PvP (Player vs. Player), or up to 4 players Guild vs. Guild battles. In game there is possibility to control unique hero and level him up similarly like in MMORPGs. The heroes serve as “general” during the battle, with morale boost and large strength as a unit.

Overall Terra Militaris is a great and worth check out, even for a while; real time combat, Guild vs. Guild battles, enjoyable Player vs. Player. Game has also some weaknesses; battles are schematic, however only in PvE.

League of Legends
League of Legends is one of coolest strategy games available, inspired by extremely popular Warcraft 3 map “Defense of Ancients”. Gamers can participate in challenging battles where only the most effective team can achieve victory; choose champion- hero and enter never-ending tournament.

League of Legends itself is mixes real time strategy game and rpg elements; game mechanics is based on Warcraft 3 “Defense of Ancients” map, similarly like other online strategy game Heroes of Newerth. Game has large emphasis on cooperation and PvP experience; every participant must focus on teamwork or team will be easily defeated. On the map, there are 2 teams (5 vs 5), fighting ferociously to annihilate opposing team’s base; entering the base requires using one of few pathways available. All these paths are being guarded by turrets, which have to be destroyed in order to win the game.

Overall League of Legends is a probably the best online strategy game, with addicting gameplay, challenging team oriented battles. It’s really hard game, very difficult to master and is making players to play a lot, so it won’t appeal to everyone.

Ikariam is a classic online strategy game and city management game, set in the ancient Greece. It mixes Civilization and Age of Empires, into unique browser strategy; technology tree, interesting trade system and unique settings. Ready to manage your Polis (city)?

Basically we are managing our Polis, on the island. As usual in all online strategy games, we must develop infrastructure, by constructing buildings and sending settles to work. Right from the start, process is managing pretty fast, however it takes a long hours or even days to construct buildings during later stages of the game. After developing certain technology, we can also mine, to collect rare recourses (gems, marble) or luxury resources (wine, ivory). After building a palace, we can expand borders, and get more territories; this way we can irritate other players, so joining an alliance it’s necessary – sooner or later.

Overall, Ikariam mixes very well Civilization and Age of Empires. It has nice graphics, deep resource system and it’s overall very enjoyable. Yet gameplay is slow-paced, and game is economy – centric.

Land of Chaos Online
Land of Chaos Online or LOCO mixes strategy, third person shooter and RPG gameplay. Sounds crazy? Don’t get fooled, it’s very enjoyable and innovative game that mixes DotA (Defense of Ancients) and Savage 2 gameplay. League of Legends, or Heroes of Newerth fans should love it!

We are starting the game by choosing hero, and tutorial, helping us to understand gameplay basics. There are dozens of powerful characters available, with variety of skills and stats. There are 2 game modes available in LOCO; Annihilation – basically a typical deathmatch; Battlefield – its Defense of Ancients, where 2 teams are fighting to destroy opposing team’s base. First of all we need to choose our hero, and we can start game tutorial where we can get all basic information about gameplay and mechanics.

Land of Chaos Online is really unique game, mixing few genres into something exceptionally enjoyable. Game has a lot to offer; innovative gameplay, upgradable equipment, ladder ranking system and great game modes; yet it has some balances issues, and like in DotA games, bad players can ruin a battle.

Remanum offers great economic and social features, while it’s set in ancient era. At the start we must choose the side; Oriental, Celtic, Roman, and Carthaginian next we have to pick avatar picture and we are ready to play.

At the start, we must finish tutorial with the basics about the gameplay; how to – get more reputation, trade and about politics and influencing the world. During the game we are focused on economic; conquer the world through politics and trade – its Remanum the key elements which may not appeal to everyone. Players are taking the role of merchant family member, who need to rebuild prestige and basically earn cash. During the game, we will be facing off against thousands players from around the world.

Overall Remanum is good for those who like economic and diplomacy, above battles and combat. Game has cartoon graphics, clean interface and fantastic trade related features; yet slow paced gameplay and emphasis on economic aspects is making the game, hermetic.

Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms
Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms is an online strategy games for free, based on the popular Might and Magic franchise. Game offers city managing features; recruiting heroes and powerful units, building kingdoms, and forming strategic alliances.

At the start, we are choosing one of 4 factions available in this strategy game – Necropolis, Inferno, Haven, and Academy. Each available faction has its own strong and weak sides; buildings, units, and unique heroes. Like in other city managing online strategy games, we have to create strong economic foundation, to make our kingdom prosper and to develop & maintain strong army. Gold is the most important resource; however there are rare resources (Mercury, Sulfur, Gems and Crystals) and the common, Ore and Wood.

Overall Might and Magic is enjoyable game with quality gameplay, PvP, unique units, factions and tons of fun. Yet the game is slow paced and imbalanced with nerfed premium features.

Heroes of Newerth
Defense of Ancients, are pretty popular these days, and Heroes of Newerth it’s one of the most successful titles – besides League of Legends. It offers strong emphasis into PvP battles, variety of items and very rich list of champions to choose.

At the start of the game we must pick a champion from more than 70 unique heroes available. Every of them have different skills that can be used specifically depending on the situation on the battlefield. Secondly we should run, helpful and extensive tutorial; game is challenging and new players need to know a lot about mechanics and team oriented battles. Game is totally team oriented and battling in 5v5 teams and after every battle they are rewarded with experience and in-game gold based on the final result.

Overall Heroes of Newerth is a very good and challenging game; new players may have problems overcome hardcore veterans. Essence of the game is PvP and teamwork, so bad players (or rage-quitters) can easily ruin the match.

Lord of Ultima
Lord of Ultima is a browser strategy game, designed by creators of Spellforge and Battleforge. Game distinguishes itself while still maintaining the classic gameplay style; we can use diplomacy, trade, form alliances and conquer the world of Caledonia.

Like in most online strategy games, we start off with a tiny city and we have to build it up by generating resources, constructing buildings, upgrading town hall and creating large, balanced army. Our army may include various units like light & heavy infantry, mages, paladins, siege weapons and naval units. During the game, we must choose how to expand empire; through settlement or combat. Each path of expansion has its own strengths and weaknesses, however it’s necessary to form/join an alliance succeed. Main mission is to upgrade the palace to level 80, and gain the “Lord of Ultima” and this way, win the race.

Looking for best online strategy games? Lord of Ultima should be for you; with many quests, dungeons and deep in-game world. However gameplay is really slow paced, especially after entering into advanced stage of the city.