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Best browser free strategy games available! Lord of Ultima Lord of Ultima is a popular free strategy game, created by EA Phenomic studio, guys who created Spellforge and Battleforge. Action is set in the universe made by Richard Garriot, creator of Tabula Rasa. Similar to other popular free strategy games it has end-game objective and it is becoming Lord of Ultima himself. From commander’s perspective, army may include various available in-game units like light infantry, mages, paladins, heavy infantry or naval units. Player has to be quick, because when four months pass, on the map show up important temples, where players have to build towns. First player who upgrade palace to level 80, will gain the “Lord of Ultima” title and his alliance will be the victorious one. Gameplay itself is rather slow paced, especially after entering into advanced stage of city. It won’t need more logging in than once or twice per day, which makes Lord of Ultima rather casual title. Resource and city management is easy thing to do, so first player who will grasp the basic game mechanic and use strategic planning is likely to win whole season. This game is for everyone who like browser free strategy games and were enjoying playing in such titles such as Travian or Ikariam. It doesn’t need a lot of time to be spent on and is satisfying enough to […]