Settlers Online review

The Settlers Online is new free online strategy game and is browser version of the popular “Settlers” series published by Ubisoft. In game we can lead settlers, gather resources, construct dwellings, expand kingdom and command military action. Another browser game? Definitely not, because Settlers Online is bigger and better than most free online strategy games currently available on the web. The Settlers are back! At the very beginning of our adventure, we possess a small undeveloped and uninhabited settlement, with a small amount of resources needed to start a business. Right from the start, we are playing helpful tutorial that is showing us the most basic elements about the gameplay and mechanics. While we are learning, we are developing our village, creating basic buildings (woodcutter hat, sawmill etc.) – we can very fast start construction of various dwellings to house your citizens, produce resources and store all essential stock. The more buildings we construct the more settlers will be encouraged to live in our village; idea is to create this way an ever-growing empire. Variety in our construction is essential to make us citizens happy, as well as to ensure a spread of different working production chains. First of all like in other economic online strategy games, we need to balance resource in-come to make our empire growing and also feed our citizens or trade with other players. It’s probably […]

Dota 2

Dota 2 is real time strategy game and the stand alone sequel to the popular Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III. Gameplay involves 2 teams battling against each other with each participant playing one of the game’s many heroes. How it works? Like in free online strategy games, designed as Dota games, players are split into 2 teams, each consisting of up to 5 players, to compete as the base defenders. Game offer extended multiplayer battles, while players control a unique character – there are over 80 characters available, with unique skills, statistics and methods of combat. Player can choose between two factions available in the game; the Radiant and the Dire. Dire faction is based at the northeast corner of the map, while the Radiant is based at the southwest corner of the map. The basic setup of game places 2 bases containing strategic structures “Ancients” at opposing ends of the map. Similarly to League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth, these bases are connected by 3 main paths, (“lanes”), which are secured by defensive towers and groups of AI controlled units commonly referred as “creeps”. Creeps are periodically spawned, and they are traversing their lanes, attacking opposing units, player controlled characters and buildings upon sight. Every player should also remember that the towers and base defenses are invulnerable to attacks so long as the towers nearest […]

Battlestar Galactica Online

Need a break from online strategy games? Check out Battlestar Galactica Online, browser sci-fi multiplayer game, from the creators of SeaFight or Dark Orbit. Game is set in Battlestar Galactica universe and players can immerse themselves in the world of popular TV Show. We can play as Cylon or Human and battle in the vast cosmic space. Explore the galaxy, receive deadly weapons, and obtain high-tech spaceships. Flying into galaxy Game is set during season 2 of the Battlestar Galactica TV series, while gameplay centers on the ongoing war between 2 races – Humans and Cylons (cyborgs). Story is rather simple; humanity created a cybernetic race of Cylons, who revolted against their creators. During the revolution they invaded Twelve Colonies, killing thousands of humans and stealing resources; Battlestar Galactica Online takes place 40 years after the start of the Cylon conflict. Of course, if you have no idea about the show, you should not worry; game has been designed for all players, even for those who are not familiar with Battlestar Galactica at any level. Right after character creation, and picking side of the conflict, player can discover faction’s spaceships, first missions and other basics about the gameplay, from the tutorial. Completing tutorial missions gives knowledge about game mechanics and in the same time, rewards player with additional money and experience. What keeps Battlestar Galactica Online alive is PvP based […]

Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online is a free to play 3D MMORPG with unique strategy features; game mixes turn based combat, and MMORPG gameplay. With quality graphics and sound, deep storyline, and exciting end-game PvP options is one of the most original and innovating games. Atlantians In Atlantic Online, we are playing as a descendant of the ancient people “Atlantians”; noble nation of people. They were very proud, and highly civilized but unfortunately, also very greedy. As we journey through the game, it has a deep story to discover and pretty large in-game world. Since the cataclysm, they disappeared few thousand years ago, along the entire heritage of their civilization. Player’s mission is to find their lost capital city, the Atlantis. The Atlantica Online storyline is based on ancient civilizations: ancient Greece & Rome, the mythical Atlantis, Babylon, and Egypt. Player can discover areas from all over the world, like the Dracula’s Castle, Taj Mahal or Colloseum in Rome or New York City and many more exciting places. Is it one of the free online strategy games or MMORPG? It’s first of all great MMOPRG with extended strategy elements. First of all, we player should complete tutorial and this way understand basics of the game. Tutorial is very simple, and is showing clearly the most important parts of the gameplay; during this stage of the game, we are able to hire only 2 […]

Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances

Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances is a latest browser free online strategy game and part of the Command & Conquer franchise. We have a choice of joining one of the two factions – Brotherhood of Nod and Global Defense Initiative. Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances offer enjoyable gameplay, and several original ideas. Ready for another Tiberium war? Tiberium Wars During the game, we are managing the base; player collects resources, develop powerful technologies and raise an army. First of all, players need to pick a faction to join. There are the two unique factions, Brotherhood of Nod (NOD) and Global Defense Initiative (GDI). Like in other online strategy games for free, at the start, tutorial helps us during the first steps with the game. On the beginning, player must build solid infrastructure for the sake of economy growth. Harvesters are used to collect Tiberium and Crystals, which are essential to construct buildings and hire troops. There is also resource “energy”, which is obtained from the power plants. To make the base prosper, player must manage our resources wisely. Once player collected enough resources, he must build a Command Center and Defense Headquarter, which are essential to construct defensive and offensive units. Some units are only used to defend our base, while some are used only during the offensive battles. Recruitment system is based on special “Army Points”, which are received […]

Free online war games

Best online war games for free – check out the most entertaining games available without payment! Iron Grip: Marauders Iron Grip: Marauders is one the best free online war games, where players are commanding army of marauders, and pilot powerful airship, used as base. During the combat, game is using Unity 3D engine, so players can expect well-polished graphics, and other details. Players are controlling battleship full of marauders, ready to plunder, fight and get resources (gold and iron) need for growth. There is available all variety of units; troopers, militias, mechs, vehicles, tanks and other kind of military arsenal; each unit is strong against certain types of enemies. First of all we can focus more on battles and far more entertaining things than the economy. The most important part of the gameplay is involving, 3D battles. Every player should remember about daily login bonus – 20 stone, 200 gold and 50 iron. Probably one of the best things in Iron Grip Marauders is turn based combat, quality graphics and far more complexity level than other war games for free. With turn based, spectacular combat it’s one of the most interesting games lately, with many amazing features, experience system, training troops and more. BattleForge BattleForge is exciting card game and free online war game mix, giving us opportunity to struggle in exciting battles using cards to summon units or buildings. […]

Free strategy games without download

Best browser free strategy games available! Lord of Ultima Lord of Ultima is a popular free strategy game, created by EA Phenomic studio, guys who created Spellforge and Battleforge. Action is set in the universe made by Richard Garriot, creator of Tabula Rasa. Similar to other popular free strategy games it has end-game objective and it is becoming Lord of Ultima himself. From commander’s perspective, army may include various available in-game units like light infantry, mages, paladins, heavy infantry or naval units. Player has to be quick, because when four months pass, on the map show up important temples, where players have to build towns. First player who upgrade palace to level 80, will gain the “Lord of Ultima” title and his alliance will be the victorious one. Gameplay itself is rather slow paced, especially after entering into advanced stage of city. It won’t need more logging in than once or twice per day, which makes Lord of Ultima rather casual title. Resource and city management is easy thing to do, so first player who will grasp the basic game mechanic and use strategic planning is likely to win whole season. This game is for everyone who like browser free strategy games and were enjoying playing in such titles such as Travian or Ikariam. It doesn’t need a lot of time to be spent on and is satisfying enough to […]


Ancient Greece, mythological units and classical city manager; Grepolis is a free online strategy game set in the ancient era; we start with a tiny settlement, while the key is to build and manage classical city. Build your own ancient empire; expand your borders, raise powerful mythological army. Another Ikariam? No! Are you familiar with Ikariam? Grepolis also takes us to the ancient Greece; we are starting the game only with few buildings, surrounded by other players. At the start, we must select the game server; I recommend choosing fast server, since Grepolis is rather slow progression strategy game. City is placed on the island, with a capacity of maximum of 20 other players. During the tutorial, everything is explained precisely; game mechanics, how to construct buildings and hire army. Heart of each city is the Senate building – key structure, functioning as the city center. At the start, we must construct a quarry and a timber camp – city’s economy is based on 3 important resources; Rock, Wood, and Silver, while each is being generated at separate buildings. Gold is premium currency, available only when we pay real cash; like in other free strategy games, premium currency has impact on gameplay, this time, it cut building times in half. Yes this feature is unbalancing the game. In Grepolis world has been separated into a plenty of islands with up […]